Ticonic Bridge Photo Gallery

December 2023

Cianbro completed setting up gantry crane 1, with work ongoing to setup gantry system trusses.

November 2023

Cianbro continued work on gantry foundations and trusses. Cianbro worked on installing a bulk bag cofferdam around existing bridge pier 3 for another foundation component of the gantry crane system. Work was ongoing to setup the gantry crane. Cianbro began installing the temporary pedestrian walkway on Two Cent bridge in preparation for winter maintenance on the pedestrian detour. Maine Drilling and Blasting performed the verification load test. After completion of test and results yielded it passed, Maine Drilling and Blasting started installation of the micropile.

October 2023

Cianbro's ongoing assembly work on their Gantry Truss System and truss towers, designed to accommodate the gantry crane, made substantial progress. They continued their efforts on the bulk bag cofferdam work around the proposed pier, along with the preparation of formwork for the pier leveling course placement. Meanwhile, New England Boring Contractors focused on confirmatory core borings on the Waterville side of the Ticonic Bridge. Cianbro continued their work on the gantry crane system, including the installation of more components of the gantry truss. This paralleled with their ongoing bulk bag cofferdam work around the proposed pier. The following weeks saw Cianbro's dedication to various aspects of the project, as they continued their work on the gantry crane system trusses and within the cofferdam area, building the form for the pier seal and preparing for concrete placement. This phase culminated with the successful placement of concrete for the first lift of the pier seal for the proposed pier.

September 2023

Workers closed the bridge for cleaning of the new CCI duct bank and to install the pull strings. Contractor turned over duct bank and concrete vaults to CCI to begin the pulling operations for the new communications cables. This started the anticipated 540 days of Utility work installing the cables and swapping network traffic onto the new cables. Contractor continued work on the gantry system foundations at Winslow abutment and the existing piers. Cianbro continued installing large sandbags into River for the pier cofferdam. FHWA performed a site inspection of the project with an emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle detours and safety. Overall positive review with two minor suggestions on how to make the project more ADA friendly.

August 2023

Westbound (Winslow to Waterville) traffic detoured south to Carter Memorial Bridge for 12 days of the 1,095 days allowed. Contractor continued work on the gantry system foundations at both abutments and began work at the existing piers. First support tower of gantry system installed on centerline pier #C-0. Contractor closed the bridge (Utility Extended Bridge Closure) from 08/06/2023 until 08/12/2023 to install buried duct banks in Winslow. During this closure CCI also installed a new concrete vault in Winslow and connected it to the new duct bank. 5 Days of the total allowed 175 days was used for this closure. The bridge was reopened on 08/12/2023 to Eastbound (Waterville to Winslow) traffic with Westbound (Winslow to Waterville) traffic detoured south to Carter Memorial Bridge for up to 1,095 days. Contractor continued work constructing the gantry system foundations at both abutments. Utility duct bank on bridge was connected to buried duct banks on both approaches. Boring subcontractor continued drilling bedrock confirmation cores for micropiles.

July 2023

Contractor began building access to the face of the Winslow abutment to begin penetration work for utility duct bank. Work continued on CCI fiberglass conduit and hanger installation across the bridge. Carter Memorial Drive/Augusta Road intersection fine grade completed, base pavement installed and catch basin covers installed. Installed bituminous curbing, reset granite curbing and paved at off-site Route 201 intersection. Performed signal improvements to off-site Route 201 intersection. Performed striping of the off-site Route 201 intersection Installed lighting on the Two Cent Bridge for the pedestrian detour.

June 2023

Bridge deck demo continued with 3’-6” wide utility section removal with APE mounted hoe-ram and demolition platform to catch debris. Nighttime bridge closures excavated trench across roadway for CCI duct bank installation and place concrete around duct bank. 45’ of duct bank of 15 conduits installed, secureed with concrete, and backfilled. Work began at Carter Memorial Drive/Augusta Road intersection with relocating of fire hydrant so a right turn lane can be built. Fiberglass conduit continued being assembled over the removed deck areas. Nighttime bridge closures used to excavate trench under water main and install CCI duct bank and encase in concrete. Contractor competed the 3’-6” wide utility deck demo for the entire length of the bridge and completed more fiberglass duct installation. Carter Memorial Drive/Augusta Road intersection had surface pavement ground and granite curbing removed to widen the roadway.

May 2023

Bridge curbs in the median continued being removed with a mini hoe-ram and concrete demo began being removed. Utility test pits were dug to determine exact location and condition of existing utilities. Coordination meeting held onsite with the Statewide Traffic Signal Improvement’s Contractor to discuss the project. Bridge deck began being saw cut for 3’-6” wide utility access with concrete slabs attempting to be removed. CCI Waterville concrete vault excavated on south side for installation of new duct bank. Nighttime bridge closure on 05/25/2023 used to install conduits into CCI duct vault and demolition of CMP concrete vault at Abutment 1.

April 2023

The contractor installed construction signs and performed the general project survey layout. Jersey barriers began to be delivered to the project.