Downtown Searsport Route 1 Reconstruction


Beginning on March 1st, 2024, there will be a longer southbound traffic detour, involving Mortland, Old County, and Prospect Roads. This longer detour is expected to run until November 15th, 2024.

Two-Week Work Schedule
June 10th - 21st, 2024

Monday June 10th

Culvert Pipe installation between Station Ave and 199 East Main Street.

Tuesday June 11th

Fine Grading between Maritime Farms and Station Ave. Installing Conduit in the downtown Area.

Wednesday June 12th

Install Sewer Services across from Irving Station, Grading between Family Dollar and Station Ave, Install Conduit in town.

Thursday, June 13th

Conduit install In downtown, continue Fine grading operations
NIGHT PAVING: 19mm from Maritime Farms (Station 318+60) to Birgfeld's Bike Shop (Station 332+00). Slip-form Curbing Mortland Ave to Elm Street. Finish Granite Curbing.

Friday, May 31st

Finish Conduit Install, pull wire through Conduits, Fine Grading Roadway from Station Ave to the north End of the project. Backfilling Conduit and Grading sidewalks downtown, Complete Granite Curbing downtown.

Monday June 17th

Fine-Grading on North End of the project around Station Ave. grading sidewalks downtown.
NIGHT PAVING: base Birgfeld's bike shop to the North end of the project located just north of Station Ave.

Tuesday, June 18th

Grading Sidewalks downtown, Fine Grading Shoulders between black road and Trundy Rd. Remove Pavement on NB lane from Trundy Rd to Station Ave. Install Light Poles, and controller Cabinet.

Wednesday, June 19th

Grading Sidewalks downtown. Fine Grading shoulders between Black Rd. and Trundy Rd. Install Light Poles and wire them in.

Thursday June 20th

Grading Sidewalks and driveways Downtown, Install RRFB's, Fine grading shoulders between Black Rd and Trundy Rd. Install Light Poles and wire them in.

Friday, June 21st

Grading Sidewalks downtown, and Installing Light Poles.

The Maine Department of Transportation is beginning work on a project that involves rehabilitation and reconstruction of Route 1 in downtown Searsport.
View the Searsport Construction Plans (PDF)

The work area begins at Savage Road and extends north for nearly two miles to Station Avenue. The project involves the addition of a center left-turn lane between Trundy Road and Station Avenue. This work will also involve eliminating gaps in sidewalks to create a continuous accessible route downtown for pedestrians. MaineDOT is working with the town to install pedestrian lighting and brick sidewalks.

The on-site construction work is beginning today and will continue through the winter. This work will be weather dependent. From June 15th until October 15th of this year, southbound traffic will be detoured onto Black, Union, and Mortland Roads.

Project work will resume in spring 2024. There will be a longer south bound traffic detour, involving Mortland, Old County, and Prospect Roads. That longer detour is expected to run from March 1st, 2024 to November 15th, 2024. The anticipated construction completion date for all work in June of 2025.

The contractor on this project is Gordon Contracting of Sangerville. The contract amount is $17,758,548. This project is recipient of $9.2 million in Congressionally Directed Spending.