Bangor Diverging Diamond Interchange


This page has information about the proposed Diverging Diamond Interchange at Exit 187 of Interstate 95 and Hogan Road in Bangor. Currently the Exit 187/Hogan Road interchange has safety concerns, congestion and no adequate bicycle and pedestrian access. There are three main issues with the existing interchange design:

  • Safety - there are three high crash locations, with 94 crashes in the latest three year period, 36% of which invovled injuries.
  • Congestion - The Exit 187 interchange is Maine's busiest diamond interchange with an average of about 35,000 vehicles per day.
  • Access - There are no sidewalks or adequate shoulders on the bridge.

A Diverging Diamond Interchange addresses these issues by:

  • Increasing safety by reducing crashes by approximately 50%.
  • Increasing mobility and reducing congestion.
  • Providing for a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian protected path within the width of the existing bridge.