Historic Bridges for Adaptive Use

Prior to dismantling, Federal law requires MaineDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to first offer the historic bridge to any group that could legally take possession of the bridge and maintain it at a new location, provided the group assumes all future legal and financial liability. Costs to induce acceptance of the offer of donation may not exceed the cost to dismantle the bridge. FHWA, the Maine State Historic Preservation Officer and MaineDOT will work jointly to determine the most appropriate use of the existing bridges from any proposals received. 

If the bridges are transferred to another party, the transfer deed may include preservation covenants that require the new owner to preserve and maintain the bridge in accordance with established standards for historic bridges.

Interested parties may contact the Environmental Office at the following address or email:

MaineDOT Environmental Office
16 SHS, 24 Child St.
Augusta, ME 04330
Email: Julie.Senk@maine.gov

Bridges Available for Adaptive Reuse

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