New state record lake trout caught on Richardson Lake

July 7, 2020 at 11:37 am

Last week, one lucky angler caught the fish of a lifetime when he landed a 44”, 39.2 pound lake trout. That angler, Erik Poland of Andover, caught the fish on Thursday, July 2 while fishing on Richardson Lake.

Erik Poland of Andover with a 39.2 pound lake trout he caught on Richardson Lake on July 2

Lake Trout are historically native to Maine. They are one of the longest living freshwater fish species and the largest native species found in Maine. MDIFW Fisheries Biologists have documented numerous lake trout that are older than 25 years, and some even older than 30. When a fish can live over 30 years, it’s bound to get quite large! The most accurate way to determine the age a lake trout is to examine tiny “ear” bones called otoliths under a microscope.  (To learn more about aging fish check out this blog article!) We have been in contact with Erik, and he has agreed to save the otolith bone of his fish so we can determine just how old it is!

Richardson Lake has excellent habitat for coldwater species like lake trout, and it also is well known for its landlocked salmon and brook trout fisheries. Here, the department manages to maintain a healthy balance of all the species present. In waters where there is an abundant population of lake trout, liberal harvest regulations are applied in order to encourage harvest of smaller individuals, improve the health of the fish populations, and in some cases to enhance the size quality of the lake trout. In waters with limited recruitment and therefore fewer fish, more protective regulations are in place.

Warden Brock Clukey inspects a 39.2lb lake trout caught by Erik Poland of Andover while fishing on Richardson Lake

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