Professional Learning Webinar Library


Recorded office hours and webinars for assessment coordinators and educators

Business Managers

Recorded trainings foe school/district business managers.

Career and Technical Eduation
CTE - Career & Technical Education

Webinars to support CTE administrators and instructors.

person using a computer
Digital Learning/Technology

Webinars to support educators with using, integrating, and supporting educational technology in the classroom.

Building a Digital ToolboxContinuity of Learning | Remote Learning 101

data table
DOE Data

Webinars and video tutorials to support school staff tasked with managing school and district data.

child writing
Early Learning

Webinars to support early education educators.

Pre-K for ME | K for ME | Public Pre-K Tech Assistance | Unpacking Pre-K Guidebook | Transitioning

ed techs
Ed Techs

Webinars to support education technicians.

ESEA Federal Programs

Webinars to support schools with federal educational programs of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) 

student writing
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

Recorded webinars, virtual conversations and professional learning to support ESOL educators.

school funding formula
Essential Programs and Services - EPS Funding

Videos that explain Maine's EPS school funding formula.

Health Education

Recorded webinars and professional development for school health staff.

Legislative Guidance, Public Hearings & Briefings

Recorded webinars and public sessions hosted by the Maine DOE.

child writing

Webinars and professional development to help educators support students' literacy needs.

Putting Reading First Playlist

MEIS - Certification

How-to video tutorials Maine DOE's Maine Education Information System (certification system).

Mental Health

Webinars, videos and professional learning about mental health and trauma.

MLTI 2.0 (Maine Learning Technology Initiative)

Webinars and media from the MLTI team including the MLTI Ambassadors and the MLTI SLAM show

hands painted in the shape of a heart
Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

MTSS webinars and professional development.

fruits and vegetables

Professional development and how-to videos for school nutrition staff.

Food Safety  |  Fruit Prep  |  Maine Farm  |  Recipes  |  Time Management  |  Vegetable Prep

Girls working out
Physical Education

Webinars and recorded sessions to support physical education educators.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Recorded webinars about PBIS.

safety sign

Recorded webinars and professional development about school safety.

hands holding a heart
School Counseling

Recorded webinars and professional learning about social emotional learning.

red health cross and red heart
School Health Services

Recorded webinars and professional learning about school health services.

child playing with block
SEL - Social Emotional Learning

Recorded webinars and professional learning about social emotional learning.

child's hand playing
Special Education

Recorded professional development and conversations about Special Education.