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Develop, Support, and Sustain a Robust Educator Workforce

#TeachMaine is an initiative of the Maine Department of Education seeking to attract and retain talented educators who understand the “magnitude of the mission” of public education.
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Educators who design, create, collaborate, and innovate! Educators who are curious. Educators who care. Educators who love to learn. Educators who value diversity. Educators who believe in equity and racial and social justice. Educators who know their daily efforts have a positive impact on students, families, communities, and the world. Educators who love kids.

Efforts to Date:

Regional Think Tanks: (Summer 2019)

MDOE staff traveled throughout the state seeking stakeholder input via Regional Think Tanks on the challenges involved in recruiting and retaining educators, as well as suggested action steps we can take to address these challenges.


Teachers in Semi Circle having discussion
Educator Talent Committee: (Spring, 2019 - Current)

A group of stakeholders working on the #TeachMaine initiative. Work completed:Cookie with #TeachMaine written on it

  • Synthesized data from Think Tanks
  • Researched recruitment and retention trends, data, and initiatives
  • Presented initial findings & work at MSMA Conference
  • Site visits:  Educator Preparation Programs, CTE Centers, “Grow Your Own” initiatives
  • Partnered with Thomas College to host “Future Teachers Academy” 
  • Developed framework for strategic plan
  • Writing subcommittee working on draft of five year strategic plan

Next Steps:

Fall 2020
  • Draft of plan to Educator Talent Committee and MDOE Leadership for vetting
  • Draft of plan to wider group of stakeholders in “the field”  for vetting
  • Implement revisions
January, 2021

#TeachMaine Strategic Plan published and disseminated 


Tamara L. Ranger
Educator Excellence Coordinator
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
PH: 207-624-6703

Emily Doughty
Educator Effectiveness Coordinator
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023
PH: 207-624-6748