Computer Science Integration (CSI) Professional Learning

csi cover image

As Maine continues to lead in computer science integration across all grades and subject areas, we are working to take important steps to create universal access to computer science education for all Maine students and computer science equipment for all Maine educators.

The launch of #MaineTeachesCS began with the provision of these awesome mobile computer science labs in our public schools and continues with the launch of the second phase of this initiative: supporting the mobile labs through a long-term computer science integration professional learning cohort of Computer Science Integration (CSI) educators.

This ongoing training initiative will leverage a “train the trainer” model where educators will be provided a stipend and have other additional expenses covered, to engage in a community of practice-style professional learning cohort.

CSI educators will do a deep dive into computer science integration, become experts in their school’s mobile lab equipment, and be provided with resources, materials, and scaffolding to engage other educators within their school in customized ongoing professional learning opportunities that will encourage and support the infusion of computer science into their existing lessons and curriculum.

These CSI educators will provide CS integration coaching and professional learning, help brainstorm ways to integrate the labs into various contexts, facilitate awareness campaigns within their schools, and more.

Computer science education experience is not necessary to become a CSI educator. The ideal CSI educator is:

  • interested in computer science and teacher leadership opportunities;
  • likes to take on new tasks;
  • can commit to a full calendar year initiative;
  • and wants to share what they learn to help other educators in their school become computer science integrators.

CSI educators will specialize in integration of CS into all content areas, not just STEM, but ELA, music, art, and more!

CSI educators must be nominated by their building principal. Nominations are due January 13th, 2022. If CSI sounds like a great fit for you or someone you know, please reach out to your building principal and have a conversation about a potential nomination for your school’s CSI.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Contact the Maine DOE’s Computer Science Specialist, Emma-Marie Banks