The #MaineTeachesCS initiative centers around the provision and use of mobile computer science labs alongside ongoing professional learning opportunities for each school.  Each lab focuses on one of three computer science topic areas: Robotics and Programing, Coding and Circuitry, and Augmented and Virtual Reality. Each mobile lab has equipment and supplies that teachers can use to integrate the topic area into their classrooms. This mobile lab will be paired with training and ongoing professional learning for educators. The professional learning will be tailored for each computer science topic area and offer tools, strategies, and frameworks for integrating the chosen topic into any content area.

In addition to the mobile labs and ongoing professional learning, the Maine Department of Education is assembling cohorts of educators who will engage in comprehensive Computer Science Integration (CSI) professional learning. Each school will select one educator to serve as their Computer Science Integrationist (CSI). These CSIs will explore hands on opportunities to dig into best practice for computer science integration and will serve as the computer science integration “champions” for their schools, proving professional learning for their colleagues and helping other educators to integrate computer science into their classrooms.

This initiative centers around the principles of Maine’s 7 Keys to Computer Science Education Success. These mobile labs, paired with targeted professional learning, and an ongoing CSI cohort, will help our schools to continue the important work of integrating computer science into their classrooms, to ensure that all Maine students have access to high quality computer science learning opportunities.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Contact Emma-Marie Banks, Maine DOE Computer Science Specialist at emma-marie.banks@maine.gov



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