Device Setup

There are two types of devices that are part of the MLTI program, the HP ProBook 4440 and the HP ElitePad 900. Your shipment may or may not contain both types of devices depending on what was ordered for your site.

Unpack each device and validate that there is an asset tag present. If there is no asset tag present, call the Help Desk at 1-855-936-2253.

Initial Steps for Technical Leads

  • Request credentials for each school’s technical lead via the “Coordinators” tab of the MLTI Enrollment Form, available via email from the HP Project Manager, Gregg Smith.
  • Receive technical lead Portal login credentials from the HP Project Manager (via email, within two business days of submitting your MLTI Enrollment Form) and validate your access to the Portal.
  • Read and familiarize yourself with this HP-MLTI Getting Started Guide since it covers key functions that will be required to be performed in the Portal / Asset Manager.
  • Ensure required ports (80 and 443) for IP addresses and are open through your site firewall and content filter to allow devices to check in with the HP-MLTI Asset Manager server.

    Equipment Preparation

    • Install the device battery and charge the computer(s).
      • Do not use the Windows 8 disks provided with the machine! These do not contain the MLTI image.
    • Assign the device using the support portal:
      • Login to using the credentials provided to you.
      • Navigate to View Location
      • Select your site (District) and location (School) name from the drop down lists.
        • Some sites do not have multiple locations.
      • Select the Assets tab in the Location window. A list of assets for this location will appear.
        • Note: Until the device checks in via the onboarding process, it will only show up under the “Assets” tab; once the device is recognized through onboarding, it will also be populated into the “Computers” tab. Assignment of devices to individuals must be done on the “Assets” tab.The Asset tags contain the Help Desk phone number, the device Serial number, and a barcode that represents the device serial number.
        • Select (single-click) any field on the line for the asset you are assigning. 
        • Click Reassign Asset to Contact at the bottom of the window.
        • Select the desired username from the drop-down list.
        • Click the Update button to assign the device. 
    • Perform the Equipment Onboarding steps documented below. This can be done by either the Technical Lead or the End User.
    • Provide each End User with their assigned computer device, the appropriate Targus bag and the bag name tag.

    Equipment Onboarding

    • Plug in the device into an AC power source.
    • Power on the computer.
    • Login to the device by clicking on the Wi-Fi User Icon.
    • If you are not using an HP-MLTI provided wireless network, see Connecting to the Wireless Network to connect to local wireless; alternatively, connect the device to the local LAN via a wired connection. 
    • The computer will check-in automatically with the MLTI server and will initialize itself. 
      • This can take up to 45 minutes, depending on the quality of the internet connection.
      • During the check-in and onboarding process, there is no visible indication that the onboarding is progressing – please be patient.
        If this process is interrupted, the user account will not be created. Call the Help Desk at 1-855-936-2253 for assistance.

    During onboarding, the device will restart itself several times. When onboarding process is complete, you will see one of the following:

      • If the device is assigned to a user, you will be prompted with a logon screen that has two logon icons – “EndUsername” and “Enabled 121 Admin Account”. You were not provided admin credentials and do not have to sign into the admin account unless instructed by the Help Desk.
        • Login to the computer with the provided End User credentials.
        • The user's default password is the HP computer serial number with the text string "Aa1!" appended to the end (e.g. device serial number 2CE3320THG will have user password "2CE3320THGAa1!" (case sensitive).
      • If device is a spare, you will see a logon screen with “Enabled 1-2-1 admin” icon. You can then power device off – onboarding is complete until a user is assigned to the spare.
      • If the machine does not restart itself off within 45 minutes, attempt the following steps: 
        • Establish a wired connection to the LAN, and force a "Send Status" (see Forcing a "Send Status" on a Computer). 
        • Call the Help Desk at 1-855-936-2253 if forcing “Send Status” does not resolve the issue within 1 hour. 
          Re-image the machine using the USB drive only if directed by the Help Desk to resolve the on-boarding challenge (see Recovering Your Device). 

    If the computer fails to automatically re-start, manually power the computer back on by pressing the power button.