Selection Process

Teachers can be nominated by a student or parent, co-worker or administrator, school or district committee, friend or family member. To be considered for the award and continue on with the TOY process, teacher candidates must submit written material to a Review Panel.


Teachers are initially nominated to be the current year County Teachers of the Year - one of whom is selected as Maine Teacher of the Year for the following year. This is a rigorous process, designed by teachers, to ensure candidates an opportunity to reflect on their instructional practices.

Teachers considering participation should click here for a detailed timeline, requirements and support resources.

  • Jan-Feb: Nominating period for County Teachers of the Year
  • April: County Finalists selected
  • May: County Teachers of the Year announced
  • June: State Semi-Finalists announced (no more than 8)
  • August: State Finalists announced (no more than 3)
  • September: School visits and interviews
  • October: Maine Teacher of the Year announced; portfolio due from candidates for National Teacher of the Year
  • January 1: Maine Teacher of the Year begins service

Who Selects the Teachers of the Year?

County TOYS are selected by a panel representing the following stakeholder groups:

  1. County Teachers of the Year
  2. MTOY (or finalist)
  3. School Administrators
  4. Business/Sponsor/Funder
  5. Higher Education
  6. Community (Parent)

The State TOY is selected by representatives of the following stakeholder groups:

  1. Department of Education
  2. Maine Teacher of the Year Association
  3. State Board of Education
  4. Business/Sponsor/Funder
  5. School Administrator
  6. Educate Maine Board Member
  7. Higher Education