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The Department of Health and Human Services recognizes the need for a new standardized needs assessment tool for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) or Autism. In partnership with service recipients, families, providers, and other stakeholders, the Department has selected the SIS-A 2nd Edition for use in Maine. The SIS-A is intended to be used for all participants in the planned Lifespan Waiver and in 2023 and 2024 is being used to inform the Lifespan design, and to support Person Centered Planning. This project began in May 2021 and is expected to continue through March 2025. 

This project is part of reform work that is already underway at the Department’s Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS). The implementation of this assessment tool is expected to provide fair and equitable determinations of need as well as other beneficial changes and efficiencies within the IDD service system.

SIS-A Timeline

Understanding why OADS needs a reliable and conflict-free needs-assessment, and how the SIS-A was chosen:

Choosing a Fair and Reliable Needs Assessment Tool is a Key Step to Improving Maine's Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities System (PDF)

Project Milestones

Winter 2022 – Assessment implementation start with Orientation Sessions for internal staff and stakeholders in December 2022, outreach to members, and training of interviewers and community case management staff.

Winter-Spring 2023 – Assessments begin.

Beyond Spring 2023 - Ongoing Assessments and Data Analysis to inform the A Path for ME Lifespan Project.


Josh tells us about his Maine SIS-A Experience

Watch the video of Josh telling us about his SIS-A experience: 

SIS-A Experience Quote:

A Mom recently shared another unique perspective on the SIS-A experience:

“Yesterday’s assessor was a true pro: she explained her questions, listened carefully to answers, asked follow-up questions, and observed my son carefully, and adjusted her interactions with him. Most importantly, she was flexible. I asked the assessor to start with any questions she had for my son, and to wait to read her explanation of the process until he had a chance to talk with her. He left the field after 10 minutes. He just couldn’t stay there (for the entire assessment) and the assessor was quite relaxed about it. 

I felt that my son - his preferences and the supports he’d need for both ADLs and to fulfill his wishes - were documented.” 

Maximus Announces an Incentive to take the SIS-A

The first 800 individuals on Section 21, Section 29, or the waitlists who wish to participate will receive a one-time payment amount of $100.  Those who already completed a valid SIS-A will also receive $100.


  • You must be:
    • An individual with IDD/Autism ages 15.5+
    • An individual on MaineCare or MaineCare eligible
    • An individual currently seeking or receiving adult services in Sections 21 and 29, or on these waitlists
  • You must be among the first 800 individuals who received an assessment.  Note that training assessments do not qualify, as there has already been reimbursement for training assessments.
  • Other attendees at an assessment do not qualify for this member-only incentive.
  • You will be compensated if you have already received a regular, non-training assessment earlier in 2023, or if you fully complete a new assessment. 

Once Maximus completes 800 assessments, the incentive will end.

Contact Maximus to participate at:
(833) 771-4639 
Business Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST, M-F

View the Flyer: SIS-A Incentive Flyer (PDF)

OADS Selects Maximus as the conflict-free assessor vendor for the SIS-A in Maine:

Maximus has been contracted to partner with the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS) to administer the Supports Intensity Scale for Adults (SIS-A) Assessments, beginning in Mid-Spring 2023.  For more information about Maximus and details about the SIS-A and how it will work, see their website: Maximus

SIS-A Assessment Presentations


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