HCBS Improvement Plan Projects: Timely Access to Services

Our first priority is to ensure timely access to services by stabilizing the workforce. The plan allocates the single largest portion of funding to retention and attraction bonuses for direct support workers and their first line supervisors. Over 68% of the total plan spend is allocated to the timely access area.

Dedicated and skilled workers are truly the most critical element to sustaining and growing our HCBS system, and the projects in the timely access are also includes significant investments in training and making worker certification portable across HCBS population groups. It also includes development of a worker council to advise us on longer term changes that will improve the nature of the work and a media campaign to attract a new generation of people to a rewarding profession with opportunities to grow and advance. Other access initiatives in the timely access area include expanded supports for family caregivers, expansion of self-directed options, improved information, and referral, and streamlined HCBS eligibility processes to promote diversion from institutional settings.

List of Current Projects

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