Evergreen System Modernization Project

The Evergreen System Modernization Project is an OADS initiative to build a single system to replace EIS, MAPSIS, and MECARE. Evergreen Data System (Evergreen) is the name of the new client data system for Developmental Services, Adult Protective Services and Long-Term Care.

Questions/Feedback: Please reach out to us at Evergreen.DHHS@maine.gov for additional Evergreen information.


The Evergreen team has successfully completed 2 deployments:

  • Release 1 (May 31, 2019): Core Functionality (Person Profile, Staff Member Profile, Location, Organization) and Program Management (Section 21 Waitlist) functionality
  • Release 2 (June 29, 2020): APS Report and Investigation functionality including Structured Decision-Making assessments and Guardianship/Conservatorship forms

Since Evergreen’s second production deployment, we have been extremely busy supporting all the OADS Adult Protective Services staff who are now using Evergreen to capture APS Reports/Investigations and Public Guardianship/ Conservatorship data.

Release 3

Release 3 (scheduled for implementation in 2023) contains the following functionality: Developmental Disability and Neurobehavioral functionality including changes to assist OADS in meeting Home and Community Based Settings (HCBS) Rules compliance.

How can I be involved?

Over the next few months, we will begin requesting additional community support in providing invaluable support to the project team. While not all staff can provide support, feel free to reach out to the community case management liaisons, or directly to the Evergreen project at Evergreen.DHHS@maine.gov to express your interest.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Ability to upload/attach paper documents
  • Consolidated/streamlined forms for efficient data collection
  • Reduced redundant data entry and pre-filled form fields where possible
  • Robust Help section with user guides, videos, and a help desk ticket submission form
  • Standardized and consistent data capture for better reporting
  • And so many others


  • The Developmental Disability and Brain Injury Services program functionality in Release 3 will replace EIS for OADS users only.
  • OBH (formerly SAMHS) and OCFS users will continue to use EIS.

Important Action: If your email address is incorrect on your EIS user account, please provide an updated email address to the EIS user accounts team (EISSupport.DHHS@maine.gov).


Monthly communications will be posted on this website to keep you informed of the progress of Release 3 and its content. These communications will also be sent by means of the EIS email address provided on your EIS user account.



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