UST Forms and Lists


Registration of UST Facilities (PDF) Revised January 2019. See also:

Notification of Temporarily Out-Of-Service Tank(s) (PDF) Revised February 2018 - If you are taking your tank out-of-service, you must complete and submit this notification form to the Department.

Return to Service Request for Out-of-Service Tanks (PDF) Revised February 2018 - If you are returning your tank to service, you must complete and submit this notification form to the Department.

Notice of Intent to Remove an Underground Oil Storage Facility (PDF) Revised April 2018

Chapter 691 Summary Cover Sheet for Underground Oil Storage Facility Site Assessment (PDF) Revised September 2018

Modified Site Assessment for Replacement of Flexible Primary Product Piping without Excavation (PDF) Revised July 2016

Certification of Inerting or Purging of Removed Underground Gasoline Tank (PDF) Revised February 2018

Change of Ownership (PDF) Revised April 2017 - If you are a new owner of a UST facility, you must complete and submit this notification form to the Department within 10 days of the date of transfer.

Annual UST Inspection (PDF) (Annual UST Inspection, MS Excel) Revised March 2021 - Annual UST inspection results must be submitted on this form.

Underground Piping Associated with AST Motor Fuel Tanks Annual Inspection Form (PDF) (Annual AST Inspection Form MS Excel) Revised March 2021

Sump Tightness Testing (PDF) (Sump Tightness Testing, MS Excel) - Use this form to document sump tightness testing for Triennial testing, double-walled tank warranty extensions (with the extension registration) and any other sump testing.

Weekly Facility Walk-Through Inspection Checklist (PDF) Revised November 2017

Daily Inventory (PDF) Revised December 2016 - Use for only single-walled motor fuel UST facilities or double-walled manually monitored facilities. Instructions included. Daily Inventory Calculator (MS Excel) - This spreadsheet may be used to calculate monthly overages and shortages instead of using the "print and fill-in" PDF version.

Safe Suction Piping Validation (PDF) October 2016

Spill Log (PDF) Revised February 2018 - Log sheet for spill less than 10 gallons that occur on concrete or pavement and are properly cleaned up.

GW Monitoring Well Log (PDF) Revised February 2018 - Groundwater Monitoring Well Log - Used only for single-walled consumptive use heating oil tanks.

Alarm Console Log (PDF) Revised April 2012 - Used to manually record weekly checks of the facility’s alarm console.


Active and Out of Service Underground Oil Storage Tanks (PDF) (updated monthly)

Compliance Dates for Federally Regulated Oil Storage Facilities (PDF) (updated monthly)

Firms Accepting New Clients for Underground Annual Tank Inspections (PDF) Revised January 2020

Maine Certified Underground Storage Tank Installers and Inspectors

Non-Conforming Tanks Report (PDF) - Tanks that cannot have oil delivered to them.

Precision Tank Testing Companies (PDF)

Precision Tank Testing Companies for Underground Tanks with Suction Piping Systems (PDF)

Registered Underground Oil Storage Tanks (PDF) (updated monthly)

Site Assessors (PDF) Revised May 2016

Tank Installation Date & Material (PDF) (updated monthly)

Double-walled Spill Buckets Dimensions (PDF)

Downloadable Tables from Tanks and HOSS Databases