Resources for Resilient Maine Communities

Many rural towns across Maine are finding ways to engage their communities, persevere through hard economic times, and commit to a brighter future. The short documentary below called Resilience chronicles the steps that three rural Maine towns - Madison, Millinocket, and Jonesport - have taken to strengthen their local economies. Told through the voices of local residents and community leaders, Resilience is a story of economic perseverance and the power of a community working together toward a shared vision. 

Transformations like those in Resilience are led by grassroots efforts. We know this work is not easy. It requires local communities to take initiative - but there are resources to help you get started. Below, you'll find a contact email and links to state-funded agencies, programs, and partnerships aimed at helping Maine people work together for a better tomorrow.

For more information on resources for your community, please email:

Zoning & Ordinance Work

The Housing Opportunity Program

Established with the Department of Economic & Community Development (DECO), HOP encourages and supports the development of additional housing units by way of resources and grants.

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The Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC)

LUPC issues permits for development projects, ranging from smaller projects such as home constructions and camp renovations to larger commercial development projects. These projects can invigorate local economies.

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Climate Resiliency

The Community Resilience Partnership

The Community Resilience Partnership assists communities in reducing carbon emissions, transitioning to clean energy, and becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change through direct support and grants.

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Business & Infrastructure

The Office of Community Development (OCD)

The OCD administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, including regional technical assistance and training. The OCD works with Maine municipalities, regional partnerships and non-profit groups to meet a broad array of economic and community development needs.

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The Maine Office of Business Development

The Office of Business Development offers resources and funding for starting and growing businesses in Maine, as well as moving out-of-state businesses to Maine - all of which can help to revitalize local communities.

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