Forest Online Resource Tool (FOResT)

For over 30 years, the Forest Operations Notification (FONS) system has been paper-based.  Landowners and managers submit paper copies to the Maine Forest Service (MFS); data is entered by hand; acknowledgment letters printed and mailed; FONS filed, etc.  Repeat the process with amendments.  Then paper copies of landowner harvest reports are sent out at the end of the year.  More paper, more data entry, more filing.  That has changed.

FONS can now be filed online using the Forest Online Resource Tool (FOResT).  Landowners, Designated Agents, Foresters, and Loggers will need to create individual accounts in FOResT to participate in harvest notifications.


Forest Online Resource Tool (FOResT) is an online tool for landowners and designated agent to submit Forest Operations Notifications (FON) and associated annual Landowner Reports.


  • Beginning January 1, 2021, FONS can be submitted online through FOResT.
  • Winter/Spring/Summer, 2021, We will continue to accept the current paper FON forms until we have completed development of an alternative method for people without computers to submit a FON.
  • Beginning October 1, 2021, FONs submitted on paper FONs with the preprinted FON #s will be rejected and people will be directed to use FOResT. In extenuating circumstances, an alternative method may be made available by contacting the Maine Forest Service office in Augusta at 207-287-2791, or by contacting your District Forester.
  • Note: All landowner reports associated with paper FONS will continue to be submitted on paper forms provided by MFS.

Things You Need to Have Before You Use FOResT

An email account

The FOResT account you will be setting up and using will be based upon your email address.

If you do not have one, there are free email services available online. Such as:

All parties on a Forest Operations Notification (FON) need to have their own user account (FOResT ID) in FOResT.

During the process of creating a FON, all parties (landowner, harvester/operator, designated agent - if listed, and licensed forester - if listed) on a FON will be added to that FON by entering their last name and their FOResT ID.

To get a FOResT ID, an account must be created in FOResT by all parties BEFORE creating a FON.

If you are the one creating the FON, you will need the name(s) and FOResT ID(s) of the other parties that will be on this FON. These are required in the Contacts section of completing a FON.

NOTE: Multiple landowners can only have one user account on a FON.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs as of November 3, 2021 (PDF | 279 KB)

Video Resources

Public Overview and Demonstration Sessions

Frustrated or Still have questions?

You can always contact the Maine Forest Service by:

Updates to FOResT

General Updates:

  • Create Account and Summary pages are mobile friendly
  • Increased the font size of the asterisk (*) next to required information


  • Reduced password reset for a newly created account from 7 days to one day


  • Ability to delete a draft FON
    • Users can remove draft notifications from their Pending FONS on their Dashboard.


  • Additional message about creating accounts
    • A message displays that says:

      "All parties on this notification need to have FOResT User accounts before you can finish this notification.

      You will need their FOResT User ID number and the last name or company name they entered for their account so you can add them to this notification.

      Only the landowner or their designated agent can create a notification."

Activity Details:

  • Update harvesting near water question
    • The "new" question reads:
      "Will any harvesting be within a 250-foot wide regulated area adjacent to a great pond, river or regulated wetland, and/or within a 75-foot wide regulated area adjacent to a stream (including unmapped streams)"
  • Changes to Altered area question in Road Construction Activity section
    • Question now reads:
      "If the proposed land management road passes through a P-WL1 or P-WL2 wetland subdistrict, how much of these subdistricts will be altered (in sq. ft.)? (43,560 sq. ft. = 1 acre)"


  • Changed text on buttons to Find the...Landowner, Designated Agent, Harvester/Operator, or Forester on Contacts page
    • The buttons now say:
      • Confirm Landowner
      • Confirm Designated Agent
      • Confirm Harvester/Operator
      • Confirm Licensed Forester


  • Update wording of wetland road construction statement.
    • The statement now reads:
      "Harvesting WILL/WILL NOT be within a 250-foot wide regulated area adjacent to a great pond, river or regulated wetland, and/or within a 75-foot wide regulated area adjacent to a stream (including unmapped streams)"
  • Reworded text associated with check box for Maine Forest Service Contacts
    • The check box reads:
      "I acknowledge this information."
    • Checked box text changed to:

Acknowledgement and Certify:

  • Add warning before clicking "Acknowledge and Certify" button
    • A warning displays above “Cancel” and “Acknowledge and Certify” buttons that now says:

      “Warning: once you have selected “Acknowledge and Certify this information” you might not be able to make further changes."

Account Set up:

On Create Account Page

  • Spaces at the beginning or end of a name will not be saved
  • Updated password requirement line reads:
    • Password requires 1 of the following special character (!@*_).

"Reset Password" button removed from email confirmation pop up message after clicking "Create Account" button

Confirm User Account email message has changed

  • The "Activate Account" link in Confirm User Account email is before the FOResT User ID.
  • The text size for the "Activate Account" link is also a little larger than the rest of the text in the email.


Significant Update: Designated Agent-Licensed Forester signing for landowner

  • A Licensed Forester who identifies themselves as Designated Agent can certify a FON without a Landowner’s signature only in certain situations.

Activity Details:

Harvest Activities

Important Harvest Reminder for clearcuts >20 acres

  • If the FON indicates they are creating a clearcut >20 acres (question in Activity Details>Harvest Activities section), the following message should display in the Harvest Reminders section on the Summary Page:

Update Harvest Reminder for clearcuts >75 acres

  • Harvest Reminder message updated for a FON that indicates they will be creating a clearcuts greater than 75 acres (question in Activity Details>Harvest Activities section) to:

Road Construction Activities

Display Road Construction Questions for activities only within LUPC towns

  • The Road Construction Activity questions are only required for activities that fall within a LUPC town.

Account Set up:

    Added instructions to sign up process to check other email inbox folders once you click “Create Account”

    • The updated message now reads:

    You're almost there! An email has been sent to you from with a link that you must use to activate your account. 

    Please check your email and follow the instructions so you can begin using FOResT.

    You should receive this email confirmation in just a few minutes.  If you do not see it in your inbox:

    • Make sure your email is not blocking message from
    • Also check your "spam", junk", or other folders.


    Put the label "Map Layers" above map layers button


    Removed asterisks from optional Confirm contact fields

    • The asterisks were removed from the two optional FONS contacts (Designated Agent and Licensed Foresters)


    Significant Update: Print FONS Summary Page

    • There is now a second button on the Summary page that said "Print Summary " to allow users to print the Summary Page.
    • View How to Video

    Added statement above certification check box for map on Summary Page

    • Additional statement reads:

      This map is ADVISORY, for planning purposes only. Actual ground conditions, water body locations, and current regulations determine where and how MFS timber harvesting rules apply. Contact a MFS Forester for additional information/assistance.

    On the summary page at the bottom, updated the statement “to reopen a section, uncheck the Certified box.”

    Significant Update: Ability to upload files/amendments to"Active" FONS

    • The upload feature is at the bottom of the Summary page
    • Upon successful upload the FON status will change to "Active - Amended"
    • View How to Video

Landowner Reports:

    Significant Update: Landowner Reports can be entered at anytime

    • Removed the requirement that landowner reports can only be entered beginning December 1st.
    • Landowner or Designated Agent on a FON can enter their landowner reports any time during the calendar year.


    Corrected town boundary lines issues:

    • Boundary lines not displaying on map
    • Notice that mapped activity not within town when it is

General Updates:

Significant Update: Mobile Responsive

All activities in FOResT can be completed on a mobile device.

  • This includes:
    • Setting up an account
    • Creating a FON
    • Certify participation on a FON
    • Completing a landowner report


    On a mobile device, links to “View” or “Delete” are displayed on the left side of each item


    Magalloway Plt is now Magalloway Twp


    Adding activities to map has changed

    1. Individual buttons for mapping each activity (Harvest, Road Construction, Water Crossing) replaced with one “+ Add Activity” button (image below)
      Add Activity
    2. and then prompted to select activity to add (image below)
      options to select activity to add to map
    3. Questions about road construction and water crossing display before mapping those activities.


    Certification Method answer now displays in Summary section if designated agent is a licensed forester.

Acknowledgement and Certify:

    Updated Certification Statement:

    • Statement for a designated agent to certify has been updated to remove the “and licensed forester” if the designated agent is not a licensed forester on the FON.

Landowner Reports:

    Updated imputed price definition

    Added mixed wood to biomass species drop down list

Create Account:

    Added "(if applicable)" to the end of the Company name label


    Entering contact last name is no longer case sensitive

    Can now find Landowner or Harvester by company name


Acknowledgement and Certify:

Significant Update: Send email when FON becomes active

    Email all FON parties when FON becomes active

    • An email is sent to all parties on a FON letting them know it has become active.
      • This email also contains the FON number.


    Corrected messages in Landowner Report table on Summary Page before Landowner Report is completed.

    • Messages for future landowner reports in the table only change when the previous year's landowner report is completed
      • Before this update, if a landowner report had been started but not completed AND it indicated the harvest was complete, the messages for the future landowner reports would read that the previous year’s report indicates the harvest is complete.
      • With this update that has been corrected so the messages the future landowner reports only updated when the previous year's landowner report is completed.


    Update Overview opening statement

    • Added a last sentence in the text above the Overview form that reads:

      “The landowner Or the designated agent should create a notification, not both.”


    Landowner contact info - add note about confidentiality

    • When a landowner has an ownership size of either 1- 10 acres, 11-100 acres, or 101 - 1,000 acres, the following message now displays to the right of their contact info:

      The contact information for this landowner is designated by law as confidential. [12 M.R.S. §8883-B (8)] If this Forest Operations Notifications is shared with others, the landowner contact information (address, email, phone number) must be redacted to comply with state law.

    Update Chapter 25 Harvest Reminder

    • The message previously read:

      This Operation will be adding wood to a stream consistent with Maine Forest Service Chapter 25 rule. Before beginning harvest operations, you must submit a written Harvest Plan to the Maine Forest Service for approval. Please contact us activity or 207-287-2791.

    • The message now read:

      This Operation will be adding wood to a stream consistent with Maine Forest Service Chapter 25 rule. Before beginning harvest operations, you must submit a written Harvest Plan to the Maine Forest Service for approval. Please contact us about your activity at or 207-287-2791.

    Updated link text to Agriculture change of use


  • Updated wording of "Reset Password" link on log in screen
    • Changed wording to "Reset your password?" to help people understand they did not need to reset their password every time they see the login screen.


  • Updated "Enter Name" help text in Last Name text boxes to:
    • "Enter Last Name or Company Name" for the Landowner and Harvester/Operator text boxes
    • "Enter Last Name" for Designated Agent and Licensed Forester text boxes

Landowner Reports:

  • Added the ability to report sawlog stumpage data in thousand pounds (mlb).

General Updates:

  • Create Account form:
    • Added the following line above the Physical Address section
      • “This is the physical address of where you live NOT the location of the activity.”


    Significant Update: Add ability to upload shapefiles

    • Landowners with their own GIS can upload their shapefiles instead of drawing activities on the map in FOResT
  • Improved readibility of road names
  • Latest Statewide Standards data updated on map

General Updates:

  • Display pop up message on first visit to dashboard with a message about the changes that have occured.
    • A message will display the first time you logged into FOResT to let you know the dashboard layout has changed. See Dashboard below


    Significant Update: Dashboard now displays FONS and Landowner Reports

  • The dashboard is now divided into two sections called My Notifications and My Landowner Reports
    • My Notifications section (image below) has tabs that list FONS that are:
      • Drafts: This lists the notifications you have started.
      • Pending: This lists the notifications that require certification from parties on the notification.
      • Active: This lists your active notifications.
      • Expired: This lists all notifications past their operation end date.

    • My Landowner Reports section (image below) has tabs that list Landowner Reports that are:
      • Past Due: This lists the landowner reports that need to be completed immediately.
      • Not Started: This lists the landowner reports not started.
      • Started: This lists the landowner reports started but not completed.
      • Complete: This lists completed landowner reports.


  • Remove Search for a Location box on Map
    • The Search box on the map was not returning correct information and was removed from the map page.

  • Added streams layer to map
    • The layer will be "on" by default.

  • Statewide Standard (SWS) data updated
    • Towns that have recently adopted SWS now display SWS data on the map in those towns.


  • In the Landowner Report section of the FON Summary Page a "Delete this Landowner Report" button has been added to a started Landowner Report
    • This allows a started landowner report to be deleted so another party (landowner or designated agent) can complete the landowner report.
    • Before deletion this message displays: "You are deleting this landowner report. Are you sure you want to delete this landowner report? (Note: this is NOT deleting this Forest Operations Notification (FON))"

  • Emerald Ash Borer information was updated to include new regulated areas

  • Posting sign has been corrected so it is centered.

Landowner Reports:

  • Stumpage data - capture and display decimals in price and volume
    • Stumpage volume and prices can now capture and display information to two decimal places.

  • "Print this Landowner Report" button added
    • A button was added to print out a completed landowner report on the Summary page for that landowner report.

  • Added Warning Message before starting the landowner report
    • Message reads:
      “You are about to start the landowner report. If you continue, you will be the only party (landowner or designated agent) who can complete this report. Will you complete the landowner report?”
      "If you select “No” then you must contact the other party (landowner or designated agent) on the FON to complete the report. This report must be completed by one of you."
    • "Yes" or "No" are possible answers

  • Changed the wording of licensed forester question in Landowner Report
    • The question was changed from:
      “Did a Licensed Forester supervise the activity with an active Maine Forester license?“
      “Did a currently active Maine Licensed forester supervise the activity?”