Spruce Budworm in Maine

Phermone Trap Instructions

What is Spruce Budworm?

  • Native insect
  • Eats needles of fir and spruce trees
  • Population either very high or very low
  • 40 year cycle in sync with maturing of fir & spruce
  • Kills trees by eating all the needles year after year

Spruce Budworm Prognosis:

  • Noticeable defoliation in Maine in 2-4 years
  • Will kill trees and reduce growth
  • Perhaps not as severe as last outbreak
    • Trees are younger
    • Not as contiguous across the landscape
    • Infestations may be shifting north

Spruce Budworm Photos

Population Indicators

Spruce Budworm Population Indicators: Maine 1955-2017

Defoliation Survey

2017 Spruce Budworm Pheromone and Fettes Sites

Beginning in 2017 current-year defoliation was quantified using the Fettes Method on a subset of MFS-sampled L2 sites and additional sites in northern Maine. This method provides a systematic approach to measuring defoliation.  It was employed during the last budworm outbreak in Maine, and is currently in use in Quebec. MFS staff received training on implementing the method in a July 2016 field training held in the Matapedia Valley in Quebec.  The Fettes method captures defoliation from all causes and can be used to estimate both current-year defoliation and cumulative defoliation.  A brief introduction to the Fettes Method is provided in this document: http://www.sampforestpest.ento.vt.edu/defoliating/spruce-budworm/pdf/montgomery-etal1982-sbw.pdf.

Trap Catches

2018 Pheromone Trap Catches
2017 Pheromone Trap Catches
2016 Pheromone Trap Catches
2015 Pheromone Trap Catches
2014 Pheromone Trap Catches

Maine's Strategy for Spruce Budworm