Maine Agritourism

Helpful information for visitors, farmers and agricultural supporters.

Agritourism links agriculture with tourism, bringing visitors on-farm to experience farm production, processing, and other important activities. Agritourism not only provides educational and entertaining experiences, it generates additional income for the farm, and enhances connections between agriculture and the broader community. The opportunity to support Maine farmers year-round and learn more about the availability of quality Maine farm products is an important part of all the state’s agritourism experiences. All four seasons offer exciting experiences for agritourism in Maine, where patrons can create memorable experiences.

Highlights of great Maine agritourism experiences include:

  • Exploring the business of farming where it happens.
  • Meeting the farmers who offer create farm products.
  • Learning about the connections between agriculture and Maine’s working landscapes that provide homes for people, animals, and businesses in communities.

A wide variety of opportunities are available that for memorable agritourism experiences in Maine. They may include:

  • Pick your own fruits and vegetables during summer and fall harvests.
  • Tours of production facilities where award-winning craft beverages, cheeses, and fine specialty foods are created from Maine ingredients.
  • Special event days where crops and farms are celebrated statewide.
  • Year-round events and educational workshops of all types and sizes that serve many purposes—including business and personal functions, such as weddings and celebrations.

Maine farms are diverse and valuable to local communities and the entire state. Agritourism is a chance for many to better understand that connection. We encourage visitors, patrons, farmers and agricultural supporters to learn more!

Agri-Tourism Resources

Save the date! Opportunities for Patrons, Farmers, and Supporters!

Ag Tourism Events
Event Name Annual Event Dates
Maine Fiber Frolic June
Maine Maple Sunday® Third Sunday of March
Maine Open Farm Day Fourth Sunday of July
Maine Cheese Festival Early-September
Maine Apple Sunday Mid-September
Maine Winery Day Mid-September
New England Fall Maple Tour Early October
Open Creamery Day Second Sunday, October

For Patrons: How to Support Maine Farms and Find Agritourism Events

There are many ways to support farms, including purchasing farm products to enjoy year-round, taking a tour to learn more about the value of agriculture and its role in our daily lives, and buying Maine foods to share or give to friends. There are thousands of farms in Maine, and hundreds offer tours, events, and educational experiences, as well as quality farm products.

Make your visit to a Maine farm a memorable trip! Here are some tips:

  • Help keep farms healthy — stay home if sick.
  • Seek current schedules for daily and seasonal updates.
  • Keep pets at home.
  • Use good hygiene before and after visit.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring a cooler and ice to keep peak food quality.
  • Stay in visitor areas. Follow instructions and signs.
  • Carry-in, carry-out trash and recyclables.
  • Ask farmers how to enjoy farm products year-round!

Preserve the Harvest—Pick-your-own, or U-Pick farms offer you a chance to harvest the freshest produce direct from the farm. Learn food preservation techniques from the experts. View UMaine Cooperative Extension resources.

For Farmers: Resource Library to Support Your Agritourism Endeavor

For Farmers: Important Contacts

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Maine Open Farm Day

Maine Bureau of Insurance

Agritourism Promotional Events and Real Maine Promotions

Food Safety:

State Veterinarians, Animal and Plant Health Staff: Farm biosecurity, right to farm, nutrient management and more

Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety: Safety and emergency planning between businesses, and first responders at town, county and state levels

Maine Dept. of Transportation: Maine Road Signs and placement, byways, traffic counts, general info)

Maine Office of Tourism: State level resources, demographic research and regional tourism efforts

For Agricultural Supporters: Resources for Towns, Organizations and Businesses

Maine agriculture is unique, varied and important. Farmers play a vital role within our communities across the state. Farming is a livelihood that not only provides on-farm jobs but also supports businesses across the state, relying on professional services and purchasing supplies.

The working landscapes of agriculture provide an attractive scenery to visitors who travel to view Maine’s iconic scenery. Agritourism provides communities with interactive experiences, from shopping at the farm for quality farm products, to seasonal recreational activities.

Supporters of agriculture can show their support in many ways. Examples of efforts include:

  • Buying local and using Maine farm products
  • Connecting with, and listening to farmers’ short-, and long-term needs
  • Volunteer for and promote community events, such as Open Farm Day, Maine Maple Sunday®, Maine Apple Day, Open Creamery Day, Maine Winery Day and many others
  • Proactively collaborating and communicating for special event planning and directional signage for larger events

There are many ways to further support farmers that may be unique to your town and community. You can network, learn and share this information with others across the state who want to support Maine agriculture and our state’s working landscapes.

Email Us with your ideas and for more information about supporting Maine farms and agricultural events!

Promotional Resources—for agricultural supporters and businesses

Maine Office of Tourism—state level resources, demographic research and regional tourism efforts

Networking resources