The goal of Animal Health, a unit of the Division of Animal and Plant Health, is to prevent the introduction and spread of contagious diseases among poultry and livestock, promote public health and food safety as it relates to zoonotic disease, to enhance the quality and health of livestock, and to maintain fair practices in the buying and selling of poultry and livestock.

Our objective is disease control through regulation and education. We ensure the health of animals to ensure the public health. We provide technical assistance and law enforcement to control livestock and poultry diseases. Enforcement of permit regulations, prompt diagnosis of disease, surveillance testing programs, a reportable disease list, the accreditation of veterinarians, licensed livestock and poultry dealers and auction sales are key activities. The movement of livestock and pets entering Maine is regulated.


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Michele Walsh, State Veterinarian 207-287-7615
Cindy Kilgore, Livestock Specialist 207-215-4968
Justin Bergeron, Asst. State Veterinarian 207-592-6698
Donna Flint, Poultry Health Technician 207-557-4623
For Importation Permits   207-287-3701