Zoonotic Diseases Train the Trainer Course

Course Overview

The Zoonotic Diseases Train the Trainer course is designed to provide youth leaders and educators (especially those with agricultural ties) with a comprehensive course designed to be used to educate kids on zoonotic diseases and how to prevent them.
This course contains:

  • PowerPoints relating to zoonotic diseases and biosecurity
  • Activities designed to supplement the material presented in the PowerPoints
  • Supplemental educational materials

How to Access the Course

The course is free to use, download, print, and share.  There are three ways of obtaining the course.

  • Download the entire course through the full zip file (preferred)
    Of note, some activities require materials that must be ordered, such as Germ-O.
  • Pick and choose specific documents that you want to download by reviewing the list below.
  • Receive a hard copy of the course by mail.  Materials will be given with preference to youth leaders and educators.

*Please email influenza.dhhs@maine.gov if you would like to order a hard copy of the complete course or supplemental materials including the matching game and Germ-O.

Course Materials

Full Course (contains all materials listed below)

Course Materials by File

Informational PowerPoints

Group Activities

  • Activity 1 Matching Game (Zip)*
    This matching game was developed by Maine CDC employees and is aimed towards younger kids using vocabulary from the Healthy Animals, Healthy People PowerPoint. Alternatively, you may use the words and definitions to make your own game.
  • Activity 2 Zoonotic Diseases Course (Zip)
    This course is adopted from Iowa Center for Food Security and Public Health. It is designed to be an independent or group activity aimed towards younger kids.
  • Activity 3 Germ-O (PDF)*
    This sheet contains directions on how to play the Germ-O card game which was developed by Maine CDC and Department of Agriculture employees working on the Influenza Education Among Youth in Ag project. Designed for kids of all ages.
  • Activity 4 Glo-Germ (PDF)
    This pdf contains instructions on how to implicate the Glo-Germ materials for use in teaching youth about zoonotic diseases.
  • Activity 5 Germ Swap (PDF)
    An activity adopted from Ohio State University that uses chemicals to replicate how germs can spread without being noticed.

Independent Activities

Additional Resources