Maine Farms for the Future Program

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RFP#201904076: Maine Farms for the Future Program: Phase 1 - Business Plan Development grants and Phase 2 - Investment Support grant and low-interest rate for Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund (AMLF)

The State of Maine, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Bureau of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, is required to offer grants for business plan development (Phase 1) and investment support (Phase 2) as authorized in the Maine Farms for the Future Program (Title7, MRS Chapter 10-B). 

For the current 2019 application, and beyond, the RFP, current applications, and Question & Answer Summary and all revisions/amendments related to this RFP can be obtained at the following website:

Refer to the appropriate application for information pertaining to Pre-Application Conference location, time and date, if applicable.

Applications must be submitted to the State of Maine Division of Procurement Services, via e-mail, to the following email address: Application submissions must be received no later than 4:00 pm, local time, on Monday, June 24th, 2019, when they will be opened. Future applications may be submitted per the semi-annual submission deadlines. Applications will be opened at the Burton M. Cross Office Building, 111 Sewall Street - 4th Floor, Augusta, Maine. Applications not submitted to the Division of Procurement Services’ aforementioned email address will not be considered for contract award.

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The Maine Farms for the Future Program is a competitive grant program that provides selected farms with business planning assistance and investment support.

The goal is to provide grants to for farm business owners to conduct research and strategic business planning on their “Ideas for Change” that might increase Farm Vitality, which is defined as, “an increase in long-term, maintainable, farm profitability and net worth."

The Program offers a spring and fall application period for eligible farm business owners who choose to apply.

The Phase 1 grant allows selected farmers to research ideas for change on their farm and work with a certified business advisor, as well as other agricultural and professional service providers to develop an investment-grade business plan.

The Phase 2 cash grant and/or low-interest rate on a loan through the Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund (AMLF), assists those farmers selected for Phase 1 between January 1, 2000 and the current year, who have a current business plan with implementing the project(s) described in their Business Plan. In exchange for a Phase 2 grant, each farm must sign a Farmland Protection Agreement that will be valid for 7 years. If a farm is permanently protected with a conservation easement, the farm may only compete for the low-interest rate on the AMLF loan.

To apply, prospective applicants must use the following documents/forms:

  • Request for Proposals or RFP which explains all application requirements and guidance
  • Phase 1 Application Form OR Phase 2 Application Form, each with specific eligibility, scope of work, and scoring criteria
  • Question & Answer Summary
  • Revisions/Amendments related to the RFP

These are found on the Division of Procurement Services website: Under the heading: Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and sub-heading: Maine Farms for the Future Program

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