Construction Advertisement Plan (CAP)

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This is MaineDOT's bid advertisement plan for capital projects to be advertised during the current calendar year. It appears below sorted by Work Type and can also be sorted by Planned Advertise Date, Location/Title, Project Identification No., or Estimated Construction Cost Range. A searchable Project Map is also provided. Once posted online, this document will provide a static snapshot of MaineDOT's original plan, except as noted below.

In years in which major funding components of MaineDOT's capital program are being debated, partial plans or mid-year alterations may be required. Such years could include odd numbered years during which state budgets and bonding levels are typically decided, and years in which federal transportation authorization bills are pending.

CAP Spring Alteration

CAP Spring Alteration (PDF) | (Word) - 5/9/2019

The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) announced through the above referenced press release it is revising its Construction Advertising Plan. This is part of MaineDOT’s efforts to reconcile surging construction costs with available funding. This revision includes removing eleven projects that were due to go out to bid this year, totaling $45.5M as estimated in January 2019. This represents 11.6% of the value of projects that were originally included in the CAP.

This Plan is to be distinguished from the Construction Advertisement Schedule, which is a separate dynamic document updated online on the first of each month. The current schedule will reflect changes caused by such factors as cash flow, bid prices, local and public input, and design and permitting.

Searchable Project Map

View our searchable Project Map to find projects by town or county.


If you have a problem accessing this data please contact Andy Bickmore at 624-3293 or by email.

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Construction Advertisement Plan (CAP)

Click on a column title (arrow) to sort by Work Type, Advertise Date, Location/Title, Project Identification No., or Estimated Construction Cost Range. The initial sort order is by Planned Advertise Date, Work Type, and Location/Title.

Multi-column sorting: click to sort any column header, then hold down the shift key and select a second column.

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Construction Advertisement Plan (CAP)
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Construction Advertisement Plan
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Work Type Descriptions

Work Type Description
Bridge Construction Construction, replacement or major rehabilitation of traditional bridges and minor spans that are not culverts, including superstructure and deck replacements.
Bridge Other All other bridge projects, including preservation and replacement of large culvert-like structures defined as bridges or minor spans.
Highway Construction Construction on new alignment, reconstruction, or major rehabilitation of a road corridor that generally involve changes to the alignment or width of the road. Sometimes known in the industry as "dirt jobs".
Highway Safety and Spot Improvements Intersection and ramp improvements, as well as signing, lighting, striping, etc. May include substantial, higher cost, intersection construction projects.
Highway Preservation Paving All pavement preservation or rehabilitation treatments of higher priority roads, designed to maintain a higher level of service and avoid the higher cost of reconstruction. The useful life of such treatments is generally 10 years or more. Does not include Light Capital Paving (see below).
Highway Light Capital Paving (LCP) A thin pavement treatment to keep poor, generally lesser traveled roads serviceable. The useful life of LCP paving is about 4 to 7 years. Formerly known as Maintenance Surface Treatment (MST) or "skinny-mix".
Multimodal Rail, transit, airport, marine, and bicycle/pedestrian projects.

Status Descriptions

Status Description
Advertised On Time Project is in the annual plan and was advertised within 29 days of planned date.
On Time Project is in the annual plan, not yet advertised, and the current forecast advertise date is within 29 days of the planned date.
Advertised Late Project is in the annual plan and was advertised 30 days or more after the planned date.
Merged with Other Work Project is part of the annual plan and now included in the scope of another project in order to reduce administrative costs.
Removed from Schedule Project was in the annual plan but has been removed from the schedule.
Delayed Project is in the annual plan and the current advertisement forecast date is 30 days or more after the planned date, or, there is no actual advertisement date within 29 days of the planned date.