2019 Moose Meat Processing Facilities

Butchering an animal the size of a moose is not an easy job. If you don’t have the know-how, the time or equipment to do it properly yourself, commercial facilities are available. The Department strongly suggests that all moose hunters contact a meat processor prior to the hunting season to ensure “space” for processing. As the number of permits has increased in recent years, the capability of the available meat processors to meet this demand appears to be nearing capacity. The following establishments have indicated an interest in processing moose. This list is provided for informational purposes only and in no way implies Department endorsement.

Note: Since this publication needs to be developed earlier in the year, some errors may exist in the list of, meat processors identified below. The listed, meat processors were confirmed as of July 2, 2019.

The services each provides are indicated in the Code column and are coded as follows:

  • C = Cutting
  • W = Wrapping
  • V = Vacuum
  • F = Freezing
  • S = Frozen Storage
  • N = Skinning
County Town Code Name Address Phone
Androscoggin Livermore CWVFSN Jamie Roy 99 J.M. Roy Rd. 207-577-6516 (Call Prior)
Androscoggin Sabattus CWVFSN Sabattus Deer Processing: Greg Provost 435 Middle Rd. 207-375-4581 or 207-576-9759
Aroostook Crystal CWVFSN Hatch's Custom Meat Cutting: Brady Hatch 23 Prescott Rd. 207-441-4023 (Call Prior)
Aroostook Fort Fairfield CWFSN Joe Chasse 175 Limestone Rd. 207-472-0141 or 207-227-5094
Aroostook Fort Kent N Lionel Saindon 181 Market St. 207-834-3521
Aroostook Frenchville CWVSN Dube's Custom Meat Processing: Adam Dube 124 US Rte. 1 207-316-8685
Aroostook Littleton CWVFN B & C Custom Meat Cutting: Ben Henderson 11687 Foxcroft Rd. 207-521-1342 or 207-694-0027 24/7 Mon-Sun (Call Prior)
Aroostook Mapleton CVFSN Rooney's Meat Shop: Dan Rooney 664 Hughes Rd. 207-554-8149 (reservations recommended)
Aroostook Masardis CWVFSN Blackwater Outfitters: Dick Cullins Rte. 11 207-540-4101 Mon-Sun. 7am-7pm
Aroostook Reed Plt CWVFSN D & R Meat Cutting: Robbie Richardson 462 Main St. 207-356-7538 SEP/OCT/NOV
Kennebec Clinton CWVSN The Chop Shop 648 Mutton Lane 207-649-8849
Kennebec Monmouth CWVFSN K & K Custom Cutting 215 Back St. 207-933-4860 or 207-713-3691
Kennebec Oakland CWFN Bill's Custom Cutting 92 High St. 207-465-9551 or 207-649-7410
Kennebec W. Gardiner CWFN Weston's Meat Cutting 95 Collins Mill Rd. 207-724-2027 M-F 8am-5pm
Kennebec Windsor CWFN WHYNOTCUTIT: Hall 249 Weeks Mills Rd. 207-441-2738 (Call Prior) Best after 5PM
Kennebec Winslow CWVFN G & G Custom Cutting: Rocky Gravil 72 North Reynolds Rd. 207-872-2958 or 207-877-3143
Knox Rockland CWVFN Thin Blue Line Meats 15 Washington St. 207-596-2938
Penobscot Charleston CWVFN Maple Lane Farms: Barry Higgins Rte 11AA, 222 Charleston Rd. 207-285-3591
Penobscot Charleston CWVFN Wade Worster 12 Bear Brook Lane/Rte 15 207-974-9309
Penobscot Dixmont CWFSN Pine Ridge Taxidermy 4197 Kennebec Rd. 207-234-7227 or 207-745-4933
Penobscot Greenfield CWVFN Bill Melgey Cross Rd. Box 332 207-827-7554
Penobscot Lagrange CWFSN Mid Maine Sporting Camps & Taxidermy: Troy P. White 13 White Rd. 207-943-2511, 207-745-8012, pr 207-745-1725
Penobscot Medway CWVFSN J & J's Custom Butchering 543 Pattagumpus Rd. 207-746-9125, 207-447-2435 7am-10pm (Daily)
Sagadahoc Bowdoin CWVFN Butcher Boys Deer Cutting: Jim 152 John Small Rd. 207-353-5660 or 207-212-3146
Somerset Moose River CWVFSN Wildwoods Butcher Shop 38 Pleasant St. 207-399-3464
Washington Alexander CWVFSN Blake's Slaughtering & Custom Cut Meats: Clayton Blake 602 Cooper Rd. 207-454-2222 Mon-Sat. 8am-8pm
Washington Harrington CWVFSN Hunter's Specialty Cuts: Lucas Wallace 145 Oak Point Rd. 207-271-7179, Mon-Fri 7am-7pm
York Arundel CWFSN Gil LaFlamme & Sons: Gil LaFlamme 208 New Rd. 207-282-1027
York Sanford CWN Sleeper's Game Cutting: Brian/Brad 45 Lebanon St. 207-324-7371
York Waterboro CWVFSN Custom Deer Cutting: Jason Didonato 56 West Rd. 207-229-0307
Penobscot Dexter CVFSN North View Farm: Mark Nolt 68 Dunn Rd 207-924-3600
Knox Union CWVSN Dave's Wildgame Processing 38 The Woods Rd. 207-975-0357
Aroostook Woodland CWVFSN Scott's Meat Shop 1359 News Sweden Rd 207-496-3156