Photo Blog: Banding Canada Geese in Western Maine

ArrayJuly 8, 2016 at 3:25 pm

Each summer, biologists and volunteers capture and band approximately 500 Canada geese in Maine as part of a region-wide effort to monitor and manage populations throughout the eastern United States. This week, I joined our staff in western Maine as we located, rounded -up, captured, banded and released two good sized flocks of Canada geese. The team consisted of Biologist Kelsey Sullivan (and his young son Frank), Biologist Kyle Ravana, Regional Wildlife Biologists Chuck Hulsey and Bob Cordes, District Game Warden Kris MacCabe, Fish and Wildlife Technicians Lisa Bates and Matt O'Neal, two students from local colleges and two local volunteers. Please click on the thumbnail images below to view! [gallery ids="1632,1633,1634,1635,1636,1637,1638,1639,1640,1641,1642,1643,1644,1645,1646,1647,1648,1649,1650,1651,1652,1653,1654,1655,1656,1657,1658,1659,1660,1661,1662,1663,1664,1665,1666,1667,1668,1669,1670,1671,1672,1673,1674,1675,1676,1677,1678,1679,1680,1681,1682,1683,1684,1685,1686,1687,1688,1689,1690,1691,1692,1693,1694,1695,1696,1697,1698,1699,1700,1701,1702,1703,1704,1705,1706,1707,1708,1709,1710,1711,1712,1713,1714,1715,1716"]