Maine Warden Service Receives Special Donation From Maine Guide Snowshoe

ArrayMarch 26, 2018 at 11:10 am

By Corporal John MacDonald, Maine Warden Service The Maine Warden Service was recently provided with a special gift, one that is at the heart of any outdoor enthusiast who loves a good Maine winter. Nine pair of genuine, Maine-made snowshoes were donated to the newest graduating class of game wardens to use in their missions that range from fish and wildlife conservation, search and rescue and public safety. These aren’t just any pair of snowshoes, these are the best in the business. From just about anywhere in the world where there’s snowfall, these snowshoes are a prized possession used even by our finest athletes for the U.S. Olympics. [caption id="attachment_2794" align="aligncenter" width="500"] From left to right: Tom Sands, Bob Howe, and Dan Dugan build Maine Guide Snowshoes[/caption] Bob and Andrea Howe live in the small 50-resident township of Pleasant Ridge, just four miles west of Route 201 in Bingham. It is here that Bob and Andrea have created what is considered by many the finest snowshoe in the world. Hand built in every way to include materials sourced right here in Maine, the Maine Guide Snowshoe is as much a piece of art as it is practical and dependable. Bob has had a passion for the outdoors for more than 40 years; 42 of those years as a Master Maine Guide. He’s been crafting snowshoes for close to 20 years. In an age where most items we buy in stores today are assembled in countries far away, these snowshoes are still handcrafted right here in Maine.  Under the supervision and never-ending support of wood shop supervisor, Tom Sands, each snowshoe begins to take shape at Charleston Correctional Center in Charleston, Maine. Further assembly, to include the sewing of the webbings, is done by wounded military veterans. The Howe’s generosity and support for those in the military and emergency services occupations runs incredibly deep. Just as these Bear Paw-style snowshoes originated from Maine, they will again be put to good use conserving Maine’s natural resources and protecting those who enjoy our great State. Bob and Andrea Howe, thank you very much.