Butch Vickerson Recognized For Work at Maine Wildlife Park

March 2, 2016 at 3:39 pm

By Lisa Kane, Maine Wildlife Park Supervisor and Curt Johnson, Wildlife Park Superintendent On Friday, January 29, Commissioner Chandler Woodcock presented recently retired Butch Vickerson, a Correctional Trade Instructor with the Dept. of Corrections, with a Commissioner’s print. An avid angler, Butch was thrilled to receive the colorful brook trout print! [caption id="attachment_1294" align="alignleft" width="286"]Commissioner Woodcock (left) presents a Commissioner's Print to Butch Vickerson (right) Commissioner Woodcock (left) presents a Commissioner's Print to Butch Vickerson (right)[/caption] Butch had recently brought his last crew of Maine Correctional Center Workers to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. For the past several years, evidence of the projects Butch and his crews accomplished can be found at every corner of our facility; from roof tops to basements, from closets to 3 acre enclosures. To a degree, inmates working under Butch and previous Correctional Trade Instructors (CTIs) built a large portion of the Park that so many enjoy today. Butch brought a lifetime of experience as a Corrections Officer to the park, along with expertise in the trades and strong leadership. Of even more worth is his impact upon the incarcerated workers, who learned new skills and built new work relationships and experiences they took pride in, during a period of their lives when development and growth is often not expected. In recent years, Butch’s unwavering support of the park, and that of his supervisors at the Windham Correctional Center and the Department of Corrections, has made a major contribution to the Park’s successes. On behalf of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife and the Park, we count it a privilege that the Wildlife Park has benefited so greatly from Butch’s efforts and the Dept. of Corrections CTI program that made his support possible. Also attending the ceremony: Phyllis Vickerson – Butch’s wife, Ray Clark – President, Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park, Joe Fitzpatrick – DOC Commissioner, Wildlife Park and DOC staff