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Notice of Intent

A Notice of Intent should be submitted by School Administrative Units to inform the Commissioner of their plans to file a Reorganization Plan to reorganize with other units, a Reorganization Plan for Alternative Organizational Structure with other units, or an Alternative Plan.

Notice of Intent Form

Unique or particular circumstance checklist

This information is to accompany the Notice of Intent for all SAUs applying for an exception pursuant to 20-A MRSA §1461, subsection 3, B-1(2).


Filing Reorganization Plan for Alternative Organizational Structure

RPCs and SAUs filing a reorganization plan for an alternative organizational structure should include the following forms (submittal and cover/checklist) with the submission of their plans.

  1. Reorganization Plan (AOS) Submittal Sheet  
    or PDF
  2. Reorganization Plan (AOS) Cover (Checklist) Sheet  
    RTF or PDF

Filing Reorganization and Alternative Plans

RPCs and SAUs should include the following forms with the submission of their plans.

Reorganization Plans

Informational Letter # 49 Reorganization Plan Checklist and Cover Page

  1. Reorganization Plan Submittal Sheet
    RTF or PDF
  2. Reorganization Plan Cover (Checklist)
    RTF or PDF

Alternative Plans

Informational Letter #48 Alternative Plan Checklist and Cover Page

  1. Alternative Plan Submittal Sheet
    RTF or PDF
  2. Alternative Plan Cover (Checklist)
    RTF or PDF

Estimate of Penalties

We have calculated estimated penalties for each school administrative unit (SAU) in the state in the event that it does not comply with the reorganization law. Units that comply with the law will receive an incentive: the local mill expectation will be reduced as the penalty on non-complying units is redistributed to those units that comply.

Updated 6/10/08: The Estimated Penalties for non-conforming school administrative units have been revised (slightly downward) due to rounding to three decimal places rather than two, giving a more accurate estimate. Also, the detail spreadsheet now includes more description on how the penalties were calculated in the spreadsheet.

Estimated penalties - summary
Shows estimated penalty for each SAU (updated 6/10/08)

Estimated penalties - detail
Contains full detail - spreadsheet in PDF format (updated 6/10/08)

Financial Data

Administrative Letter 36: Requesting Financial Data
Informational letter sent to superintendents June 28, 2007

Requesting Financial Data (Form)
For SAUs requesting data on potential Regional School Units

Budget Categories Information Sheet
Information to assist in completing the data request form

Forming a Reorganization Planning Committee (RPC)

Guidelines for the formation and work of Reorganization Planning Committees



RSU Guidance & Planning Documents for No Child Left Behind

The NCLB Team has put together some documents to assist you as you continue your school district consolidation journey.

There is also a PowerPoint that was presented to NCLB Coordinators as part of the Spring 2008 NCLB regional meetings.

RSU Start-up Work

This list highlights key issues necessary for regional school units to address prior to becoming operational and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for new RSUs.  In addition, please see Title 20-A MRSA, Section 1452, regarding the core responsibilities of RSU boards. View the document - PDF (revised 07/13/10).

Alternative Organizational Structures

RSU AOS Comparison (PDF)
This document lays out the differences in how these two structures operate in areas such as governance, core functions, interlocal agreements, and other areas.

AOS Structure and Functions (PDF)
Shows core and recommended AOS functions, local board functions, and associated account line numbers for budgeting and reporting purposes.

AOS Start-up Work

This list highlights key issues necessary for alternative organizational structures to address prior to becoming operational and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for new AOSs. In addition, please see Chapter 580, Section 1461-B, regarding the organization, procedures and parameters of AOSs. View the document - PDF (revised 7/13/10)

Potential Efficiencies

This document lists potential efficiencies for RPCs to investigate and resources to contact. View the document.

Technology Guidelines

A planning guide to assist RPCs in the design, planning, and implementation of technology systems and support structures for RSUs. View the Technology Guidance Document.

Sample Communications DocumentsNEW

This document is being provided as a template for RPCs to customize with specific information from their Reorganization Plan to be shared with their voters prior to referendum.

Sample Communication Brochure

RSU Board

Determining Board Apportionment (Voting Method)
There are four methods by with an RSU may apportion voting on the board, all based on the one-person-one-vote principle required in the Constitution (Includes link to updated 2008 Federal Estimated Census data)

Examples of Initial Staggered Terms (for RSU Board of Directors)
Three examples that illustrate initial staggered terms.

Local Cost-sharing Agreements

Potential cost-sharing factors
Provides information on factors to consider in developing local cost-sharing agreements.

Local cost-sharing agreements were not allowed in the original statute as passed by the Legislature. However, the Department submitted legislation to remove unintended financial barriers in the school administrative reorganization law, including allowing for local cost-sharing agreements.

Cost-sharing template

This template allows units to calculate each municipality’s local share based on different percentages of state valuation and pupils.  The template allows up to 30 municipalities.  If you have more than 30 municipalities, or need assistance with the template, please contact Suzan Beaudoin

Budgeting Models

The Department is in the process of developing budgeting models to achieve reductions in the four areas identified in the law - system administration, transportation, special education, and facilities and maintenance.

System Administration

Updated 4/24/08 - two models with four levels (student populations) in each

Model Budgeting and Staffing Levels for System Administration in PDF

Enrollment Counts

Oct. 1, 2006 student enrollment count
These student enrollment counts are the ones used for calculating the size of newly-formed RSUs (to determine threshold for meeting the 2,500, or 1,200 minimum counts).

Also see the question: "How do you determine whether the combination of school administrative units that are forming a Regional School Unit meets the minimum 2,500 or 1,200 student counts required by the legislation?" on the Q&A page.

Interpretive ruling by MLRB regarding negotiation of teacher contracts by RSUs

The Maine Labor Relations Board has issued an interpretive ruling on this subject. See:

Additional Resources

For municipal officials: Maine Municipal Association Reorganization website

For school officials: Maine School Management Association website


Keeping up with new information

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