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School Data Direct

The School Profiles Data Information is no longer available. You can access information about public schools at which is an online service of the State Education Data Center. Which is a new service of the Council of Chief State School Officers, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of the Council's National Education Data Partnership.

The Federal "No Child Left Behind Act" (NCLBA)

The NCLBA requires that to be eligible to receive federal NCLBA funds, each state, and each school system and school in each state, must issue a report card describing key features of its educational status. 

The Maine Department of Education intends to fulfill both the statewide and local report card requirements of the NCLBA by expanding the content and format of its School Profiles web site.  Schools and school systems will be responsible for communications within their communities regarding the availability and use of this web-based education data.

Much of the required data is already contained in the existing School Profiles.  However, some data is not yet available.  Furthermore, the Department of Education is still waiting for more guidance regarding some of the new data requirements.  The necessary changes to the School Profiles will be phased in during coming months, as data becomes available and/or as clarification regarding data requirements is provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

Additional information regarding the NCLBA can be obtained from the following web sites:

Maine Department of Education:

U.S. Department of Education: