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No Child Left Behind - Title II-D
Enhancing Education Through Technology -

Program Ended Starting School Year 2011-12

Federal funding and support for school year 2011-12 and beyond for Enhancing Education through Technology has been ended by Congress.  The program help Maine innovate teaching and learning using technology and helped support the State MLTI program.  The loss of this funding will be missed by school districts.

Maine, in the past, divided its ESEA Title IID grant with 47.5% distributed in formula grants to eligible school districts and 47.% distributed through a competitive grant process. In addition, 5% was for State level projects for schools.

The Maine Department of Education in 2005 chose to direct its Title IID competitive grants toward adopting the eMINTS model of professional development for integrating technology in teaching and learning. eMINTS is a fitting companion to the MLTI technology integration training. Initially the Title IID grants supported the deployment of nine regional trainer/mentors certified by the eMINTS National Center to provide Comprehensive eMINTS training to sixty teachers in sixty districts across the state. Reductions in Title IID funding now allows funding of seven trainer/mentors for the 2010-2011 school year.

Information on the current & historical Title IID Competitive Grants

Title IID ARRA funds from 2009-10 were awarded to Maine were dedicated to researching Open Educational Resources in nine content areas and creating professional development programs in four: English language Art, Mathematics, Science, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Information on the Open Educational Recourcesl Title IID ARRA Grants

Title IID Formula Grant Manager:  Dennis Kunces   207-624-6815

Title IID Competitive Grant Coordinator:  Abigail Manahan 207-624-6728




For school year 2010-11 Title IID has been cut 65%.  The Commissioner has decided to use 100% of the funds in the competitive process.  There will be no formula grant for 2010-11.  SAUs may transfer funds into Title IID and eligible SAUs may REAP-Flex using some of their Title IIA funds for Title IID purposes. If you have questions, please contact Dennis Kunces at 624-6815 or at


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