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Coordinated School Health Programs
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Tel. 207-624-6696
Fax 207-624-6691

Jacqueline Ellis, Director Coordinated School Health Programs
Maine Department of Health and Human Services
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Tel. 207-287-3856
Fax 207-287-9058


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Efforts to improve school performance that ignore health
are ill-conceived, as are health improvement efforts
that ignore education.
- National Commission on the Role of the School
and the Community in Improving Adolescent Health (1990)


The Coordinating School Health Programs initiative is a joint collaboration between the Maine Department of Education and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

What is a Coordinated School Health Program?

A Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) is an effective system designed to connect health with education. This coordinated approach to school health improves students' health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and schools working together through prevention and intervention.

CSHP Definitions:

Prevention is the active, assertive process of creating conditions that promote well being.

Health is the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well being of an individual and not just the absence of disease.

CSHP Infrastructure is the basic system upon which a coordinated school health program depends to continue and grow.

How does a Coordinated School Health Program Help?

A Coordinated School Health Program can . . .

    • reduce absenteeism and classroom behavior problems
    • improve classroom performance
    • better prepare students to be productive members of their communities

When policy makers use a Coordinated School Health approach in decision-making, and place prevention and early intervention as primary strategies to improve health and education of Maine children and youth. . .


the local school community can more effectively address the physical, social and emotional developmental needs of their children as learners, increase assets in the lives of children and address the health and education gap created by poverty. . .


all children and youth have equal access to a quality school program, succeed in school and improve academic performance, reduce common threats to their health and increase aspirations.


  • School Climate: A school atmosphere supported by programs and policies that nurture positive behavior, assure safety and promote a feeling of belonging and respect for all students, staff, and families.
  • School Counseling, Physical & Behavioral Health Services: Physical health and behavioral health services, including substance abuse services that meet the needs of all students.
  • Comprehensive School Health Education: Kindergarten through high school health education curriculum that is sequential, developmentally appropriate and includes instruction and assessment.
  • Physical Environment: Safe and aesthetic physical structure, school grounds and transportation.
  • Health Promotion & Wellness: Work-site health promotion programs that encourage and support staff in pursuing healthy behaviors and lifestyles.
  • Physical Education & Physical Activity: Physical education classes that promote physical fitness, motor skills, social and personal interaction and life-long physical activity.
  • Youth, Parent, Family, Community Involvement: Participation of these groups in policy and program development and integration of community providers with schools.
  • School Nutrition and Food Services: A before, during, and after school nutrition environment that promotes and provides balanced and nutritious meals and snacks in the cafeteria, classroom, and at school events.

For further information contact:

Susan Berry
Maine Department of Education
(207) 624-6695  

Sheila Nelson
Maine Department of Health and Human Services
(207) 287-3856

TTY 207-1-888-577-6690
(for the deaf and hard of hearing)


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