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Longitudinal Data System Training Program

This comprehensive training program has been developed to support school personnel in meeting two primary goals:

  • building a culture of data quality
  • learning how to report data to the Department accurately

Thus, the program has two components.  The first involves a certification program where school personnel are enrolled in an in-depth study of data quality.  Participants will learn the importance of, and strategies to build, a culture of data quality at the school, district, and state levels.  The second is a dynamic collection of “Just-in-Time” web-based training sessions.  These range in scope from using data standards to the effective use of verification reports.  There will also be sessions when participants can propose training topics.

A diagram of this program can be found here in PDF.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a training topic, please feel free to contact Lance Gilman (207) 624-6681.


2011 Data Coordination Presentation - in PDF