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Maine Resident Student
Per Pupil Operating Costs

*includes publicly funded students only

General Information:

The Operating Costs include all general fund expenditures and revenues annually reported by each School Administrative Unit (MEDMS Financial) except major capital outlay, debt service, and transportation expenditures. Since this report is based only on resident pupils, any tuition receipts have been deducted from the cost data.

The count of Average Resident Pupils is an average of those resident students reported to the MEDMS Student Information System on the October 1st and April 1st Resident Enrollment Reports by School Administrative Unit staff for which a School Administrative Unit is financially responsible.

K-12 Statewide Total Averages

Detailed Information by School Administrative Unit

Fiscal Year Per Pupil Operating Cost Annual Percentage Change

Sorted by SAU

Sorted by K-12 Sorted by K-8 Sorted by 9-12
2016-17 $11,859.95 4.3% PDF/Excel PDF/Excel PDF/Excel PDF/Excel
2015-16 $11,348.78 3.2% PDF/Excel PDF/Excel PDF/Excel PDF/Excel
2014-15 $10,990.51 4.0% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2013-14 $10,545.58 5.0% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2012-13 $10,021.47 2.9% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2011-12 $9,726.80 1.0% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2010-11 $9,629.62 -0.3% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2009-10 $9,662.93 0.4% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2008-09 $9,624.71 2.6% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2007-08 $9,370.00 6.1% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2006-07 $8,801.79 6.5% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2005-06 $8,229.51 5.7% PDF PDF PDF PDF
2004-05 $7,761.24 5.5% PDF      
2003-04 $7,330.59 4.3% PDF      
2002-03 $7,018.79 5.4% PDF      




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