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Essential Programs & Services Funding Model



  • "EPS 101" Presentation - 1/26/11 PPT | PDF
  • EPS - Special Education Allocation - 10/30/07 PPT | PDF
  • EPS - Applying Math to the Concept PPT | PDF


Essential Programs & Services is designed to insure that all schools have the programs and resources that are essential for all students to have an equitable opportunity to achieve Maine's Learning Results.

The EPS model provides a basis for adequacy and greater equity in the funding of K-12 education because it is cost driven instead of expenditure driven.

The following links provide funding information for each School Administrative Unit and General EPS Funding information by fiscal year.

Preliminary FY 2012-13 FUNDING
(Updated February 2, 2012)

FY 2011-12 FUNDING

Biennial Budget - FY 10 and FY 11

FY 2010-11 FUNDING

FY 2009-10 FUNDING

Includes reductions per November 20, 2009 curtailment

FY 2008-09 FUNDING

FY 2007-08 FUNDING

FY 2006-07 FUNDING

FY 2005-06 FUNDING



Budget Information for LD 1 Report

(Over/Under EPS Budget Report by SAU)



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