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Professional Development

Professional Development

In Support of Maine's Learning Results

The Maine Professional Development Model

In recent years, research in the fields of school improvement and staff development has converged in remarkable consensus about the most effective ways to improve student achievement.  The agreement is even more compelling because it comprises a cluster of variables rather than assertions that any single factor alone will increase student learning.  This consensus includes:

  • The importance of data for driving school improvement;
  • The alignment of assessment with curriculum and instruction;
  • The provision of quality staff development with research-based content;
  • The necessity of learning communities that work collaboratively;
  • The study of implementation of planned change;
  • The formative and summative evaluation of planned change for its impact on student learning; and
  • The guidance of strong leaders operating collectively and collaboratively to govern the staff development/school improvement system.

The model is the summative result of a collaborative effort begun in the 1990’s.  “Implementing Maine’s Learning Results Professional Development Plan” was published in June, 1996.  “Addressing the Urgent Need for Professional Development in Support of Maine’s Learning Results”, a report on Common Ground V, was published in May, 2000.  Finally, Achieving Results: The Continuous Improvement of Maine Schools through Professional Training and Development was published in January, 2003.  The goals, standards and principles of these works have been incorporated into this model.  This model reflects their study, collaboration and reflection and provides an invaluable roadmap to the conduct of staff development for educators in Maine.

Click here for more in-depth information about the Maine Professional Development Model.

A special thanks is extended to the Iowa Department of Education for their generous permission to use their Professional Development Model as a template for the formation of Maine’s Professional Development Model.


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The Department of Education provides a wide range of technical assistance and professional development services in areas as diverse as school lunch programs, school finance, teacher certification, and school construction. Since the adoption of Maine’s Learning Results, divisions within the Department have focused their efforts on supporting staff and parents in their efforts to insure all students reach these high standards. 
This web site deals with the training and development needs of Maine educators and stakeholders.

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Achieving Results - An introduction to training and development quality standards for Maine educators and stakeholders and descriptions of those standards in action.

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