Lost or Stolen Devices

If you have situation involving a device that is lost or stolen, please contact the HP Help Desk and alert them a device has gone missing. You should also email mlti.project@maine.gov to let MLTI know you have started the lost/stolen process.

If a device is not recovered, a report needs to be filed. Police reports for lost/stolen MLTI devices should include the serial number (or asset tag) of the missing device, in addition to a brief description of the incident and any device parts or pieces that require replacement (device battery, protective sleeve, chargers etc.). Police reports can be sent via email to mlti.project@maine.gov, or fax 877-494-MLTI (6584).

If a paid replacement (add link when its created) is needed, follow the appropriate paid replacement procedure after submitting a police report to the MLTI Project Office. MLTI will issue your school a replacement device as soon as we have received all required documentation.