Special Topic Series - Leveraging Student Strengths: Neurodiversity and Mathematics

Dr. Rachel Lambert taught for over 10 years as a math educator, special educator, and inclusive educator and is now an Associate Professor at University of California Santa Barbara in both Mathematics Education and Special Education.  She has her MA in Learning dis/Abilities from Teachers College and her PhD in Urban Education (focus on Mathematics, Science and Technology).  Dr. Lambert is also a Disability Studies in Education Scholar.  Her scholarly work investigates the intersections between disability studies in education and mathematics education.  She has conducted longitudinal studies of how learners with and without disabilities construct identities as mathematics learners, and how mathematical pedagogy shapes disability.  Her vast collection of resources and research can be found on her websites https://mathematizing4all.com/ and https://designing4inclusion.com/.

On January 31, 2023 Dr. Rachel Lambert led a webinar for the Special Topics Series that addressed leveraging student strengths with a specific look at neurodiversity and mathematics.  Using her research, Dr. Lambert discussed relative strengths of those identified with dyslexia and learning disabilities, and how those strengths could be utilized in the math classroom to support and engage learners.

Dr. Rachel Lambert shared a copy of her presentation slides and research resources.

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