Maine's Model of School Support

Maine’s Model of School Support is an accountability system authorized by the federal government through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that has been developed by the Maine Department of Education through ongoing partnerships with key stakeholders from across Maine, with guidance and approval from the US Department of Education.

The Model is designed to celebrate and share school and student success, and identify areas where additional support is needed with the goal of increasing achievement for Maine students.

The Model includes are five accountability measurements, called indicators, that focus on key areas of school and student success, adhere to the requirements of ESSA, and directly align to Maine’s Priorities and Goals.


chronic absenteeism icon
Chronic Absenteeism (K-12)
Academic progress icon
Academic Progress (Grades 3-8 Only)
progress in ELL icon
Progress in English Language Proficiency for English Learners (K-12)

Academic progress in ELA  

academic progress in math

Academic Achievement in
Math & English Language Arts
graduation rate
Graduation Rate (High School Only)


Progress Levels:

To determine each school’s progress on the indicators listed above, Maine uses data collected from public schools on an annual basis to provide each school with a progress rating on each applicable accountability measurement. Progress on each of the indicators is reported on a range of four levels:






Indicates that the school needs support to move toward the State’s expectation


Indicates the school is moving toward the State’s expectation


Indicates the school is meeting the State’s expectation


Indicates the school is exceeding the State’s expectation


Report Cards:

Annually, the State issues each public school a Report Card which provides a summary of the applicable school accountability metrics for that school. This system of collection, reporting, and support works to inform both state and local decision-makers of the greatest needs that exist within our schools and our State.