Pumpout Grant Program

Since 1999 DEP has managed the Maine Pumpout Grant Program funded by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service with funding from the Clean Vessel Act Grant Program (CVA). Funds for the CVA Program are provided annually from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund and are derived from excise taxes on fishing equipment, motorboat and small engine fuels, import duties, and interest on the fund. Maine applies for grant funding every year through a nationally competitive process.

Maine’s Pumpout Grant Program provides a 75% grant for the installation, operation and maintenance of boat holding tank pumpout equipment to marinas, boatyards, and municipalities, through a non-competitive program. Maine has developed a detailed plan to ensure that pumouts are installed where they are needed. In addition, grant funding is used to produce educational materials for the boating public.

chart of number of pumpouts from 1999 to 2012

Since 1999, Maine has received over $4 million in CVA funds and has passed over $3.3 million directly to Maine towns and businesses, resulting in a 380% increase in the number of pumpouts available to boaters on the coast and lakes.

To apply for a new pumpout grant, please contact Pam Parker 207-485-3038 to discuss details prior to completing the grant application. Then review the guidance and required forms and information below.


Guidance materials