Guidelines for Completing the Boat Pump-Out Grant Application

pdf format for printing

  1. Please fill out the application completely and legibly and include ALL supplemental materials.
  2. It is very important that we have contact information for both the operator of the system and the person in charge of managing the contracts and billing, if they are different. Please provide and emergency phone number in the case of pumpout station failure.
  3. Please provide your State of Maine Vendor Code . In order to receive money, for services or grants, you must be a registered State Vendor. For more information on doing business with the State you can visit the Office of the State Controller's Vendor Information website. If you do no know whether your company has a vendor number and are not interested in using the online Vendor Services System, please fill out the Vendor Update Form included in this grant packet. If you have received a grant or otherwise done business with the State in the past 3 years, you have a Vendor Code and I will have already included it on your application.
  4. Please note, as of July 12, 2010 all facilities required to provide pumpout service pursuant to 38 MRSA § 423-B must ensure that their pumpout service is functional and accessible at all tides and during normal working hours. Please provide accurate information regarding pumpout station operations in #10 or #11.
  5. Be sure to include all expenses in the grant request calculations, including shipping, tax, installation costs, permitting costs, sewer department charges and labor associated with administering the grant and billing. Once you have determined the total system costs, multiply that value by 75% (or 90% for municipalities) and use the resulting value for your grant request under #13 line a.
  6. If you are applying for operation and maintenance grant either alone or in addition to a new system or replacement system grant, estimate annual sewer or septage disposal fees, and personnel costs including insurance and workers compensation. Calculate 75% (90% for municipalities) of the annual operation and maintenance cost and include this value on line b under #13.
  7. Grant match can be provided in a number of ways. Cash match is where you provide the match amount to the vendor(s) when purchasing equipment or services or cover the expense as part of your regular expenses. Labor or equipment match is where you use facility labor or equipment to install or maintain the system, labor and equipment charges would be at your standard shop rate or equivalent. Other match opportunities include providing services that support pumpout use or clean boating initiatives, please contact the grant administrator to discuss further.
  8. It is essential to provide ALL the supplemental material listed under #15 of the application. The operation and maintenance plans do not need to be elaborate but must be written down and implemented on a regular basis. The requirement for copies of equipment and installation cost quotes and any required permit is self explanatory. Please contact the grant administrator to discuss permitting issues.

Please note, if you are planning on installing a holding tank to receive the pumpout waste, please review the holding tank supplemental guidance included in this packet.

If you have any questions, please call Pam Parker at (207) 485-3038 or e-mail