Vendor Information

Who is a Vendor?

Vendors can represent anyone receiving money from the State of Maine; such as service providers, clients, businesses and employees.

How does a Vendor receive payment?

To receive money from the State of Maine you must be enrolled in the State's vendor payment system (vendor file).

How to enroll in the vendor payment system?

To enroll in the vendor file, you must fill out and submit the Vendor Activation Form by U.S. Postal Mail to the Agency you are doing business with (e.g. Dept of Human Services, Dept of Labor, etc.). The Agency will enter the information into the system.

You MUST fill out the forms completely. Forms with missing information will NOT be processed. Please refer to the instructions for assistance in filling out the form.


NOTE: If you are a vendor wishing to bid for contracts and commodities with the State of Maine, please see the bottom of this page for instructions.


Additional Information
Vendor Activation/Change W9 Form and Instructions - See Forms Page: Vendor #3
Vendor Deactivation Form - See Forms Page: Vendor #4


VCUST (For Agencies)

Manual & Reference Material
Description Date Format
1. Vendor/Customer Manual 08/08/2011 PDF
2. Requirements for Entering or Changing Vendors 06/05/2013 PDF
3. VCC - Entering a New Vendor Instructions 06/14/2011 PDF
4. VCM - Vendor Name Change Instructions 07/25/2011 PDF
5. VCM - Vendor Address Change Instructions 07/25/2011 PDF
6. VCM - Modifying Contact Info on Existing Vendor Instructions 07/25/2011 PDF
7. VCM - Adding New Contact Info on Existing Vendor Instructions 04/17/2012 PDF
8. VCM - Placing a Vendor on Hold Instructions 05/07/2013 PDF
9. VCM - How to Fix Phone Number Error Instructions 11/02/2011 PDF
10. Vendor and Invoice Payment Inquiry Instructions 06/28/2011 PDF
11. How to Search for a Vendor Address Instructions 11/07/2011 PDF

**Documents are supplied in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader for viewing or printing. If you need an alternate format, please contact us via email or phone (207-626-8420).


Please visit our Accounting FAQ page for further information regarding vendor questions.


Section Objectives:

  • Search for a Vendor or Customer Account
  • Determine if a Vendor or Customer is active for use
  • Explain the difference between the VCC and VCM Documents
  • Understand the required components of each Document
  • Understand the workflow for VCC and VCM Document approvals

This section will provide Advantage users with a working knowledge of how to create and manage Vendor and Customer accounts in Advantage. You are responsible for understanding the Vendor Customer (VCC) Document and Vendor Modification (VCM) Document.

This document walks you through creating combined Vendor/Customer accounts, but also points out that the accounts can be created independently if necessary, depending on the requirement.


Contract Bidding Vendors

The Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal provides vendors with a single entry point to register, identify the commodities/services that their company provides, scan for opportunities and respond to solicitations using the web.

Once a vendor registers, they will receive email confirmation for a new bid, cancelled solicitation, amendment or notification of award.

The vendor will also be able to view commodity history, ask questions and browse for awards (pending and completed).

Vendor Self Service is hosted and maintained by the Division of Purchases.

Divison of Purchases

**Use of VSS is strictly for vendors who are bidding for contracts and commodities.**