Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control Grants ("319")


DEP administers Nonpoint Source (NPS) grants to help communities make progress restoring or protecting waters named as NPS Priority Watersheds. Nonpoint Source Priority Watersheds List

NPS grants are available to:

  1. Implement a watershed-based plan.
    A DEP-accepted and active (i.e. not expired) plan is a prerequisite to be eligible to submit a proposal for an implementation grant. List of DEP-accepted active and expired plans with the respective plan expiration dates
  2. Develop a watershed-based plan.
    A plan provides assessment and management information and describes actions needed to restore NPS-impaired water bodies or protect water bodies threatened by NPS pollution.

Grants for projects are funded with monies provided to DEP by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Section 319(h) or Section 604(b) of the Clean Water Act.

Annual Request for Proposals

Annually in March, DEP issues a request for proposals (RFP) and application for NPS Water Pollution Control Projects.

Maine Division of Procurement Services Grant RFPs

NPS Management Program Annual Reports

Annual reports summarize activities and accomplishments of DEP's NPS program. It includes brief (2 page) summaries of completed NPS water pollution control projects.

Annual Reports

Guidelines and Resources for Grant Recipients

Files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader

NPS Grant Administrative Guidelines and Forms
NPS Grant Administrative Guidelines (DOC) Outlines procedures to help grantees and DEP administer agreements for NPS projects. Frequently used forms:

Other Watershed Project Tools and Guidance

Program Quality Assurance

Watershed-Based Plans

List of Watershed-based Plans (PDF)

Nine Element Watershed-based Plan - 3 examples

Lake Watershed-based Protection Plan - 2 examples

Lake Watershed-based Protection Plans Guidance (PDF)

Guidance for Updating Maine Watershed-based Plans (PDF)

Project Work Plans

Typical content and format of Department-approved workplan


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