Nonpoint Source Priority Watersheds List

The purpose of the list is to encourage NPS abatement work in watersheds most vulnerable to NPS pollution. The list is used to help prioritize DEP NPS water pollution control efforts and attract local communities to take action to restore or protect waters impaired or threatened by NPS pollution. The 1998 NPS priority watersheds list was updated in 2014 as part of development or the Maine NPS Management Plan.

Watersheds were evaluated using several guiding principles.

  • NPS priority waters must have NPS pollution as the primary source of impairment or threat.
  • Watersheds were evaluated for the likelihood that NPS grant funds and support could make a difference in the water quality.
  • The number of NPS priority watersheds was kept reasonably focused so that resources can be invested where they are most needed and there is opportunity to effectively restore or protect waters vulnerable to NPS pollution.

Outlines of specific lake, stream, and marine watershed prioritization criteria are available in a decision tree format.

The list of priority watersheds and further criteria description are available in Appendix 2 of the NPS Management Plan.

Organizations and individuals will have an opportunity to submit requests and supporting documentation for watersheds to be added or removed for the priority lists. For information about the public input opportunity or any other questions pertaining to the priority list, contact Norm Marcotte, (207) 215-6277.