BEP Calendar

  • March 5, 2015 - Location: Augusta Civic Center, 76 Community Drive, Augusta


The Board of Environmental Protection is a seven-member citizen board created by the Legislature to provide, informed, independent and timely decisions on the interpretation, administration and enforcement of the laws relating to environmental protection and to provide for credible, fair and responsible public participation in department decisions. The Board’s duties include: major substantive rulemaking, review of certain license applications, decisions on appeals of the Commissioner's licensing and enforcement actions, and recommending changes in the law to the Legislature. While the Board is part of the Department of Environmental Protection, it has independent decision-making authority in the areas of its responsibility. For more information about the Board, please visit the information page.

Board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature. For information on the current members, please visit the biographical page.

If you have questions about the Board, you may contact Cynthia Bertocci, the Board’s Executive Analyst, at (207) 287-2452 or use our contact form.