Brooksville (Penobscot Bay)

Maine Estuaries and Coastal Waters


Marine Unit (monitoring and assessment): Angela Brewer 592-2352 ; James Stahlnecker (toxics) 215-6954
Field Services and Enforcement:  Dawn Hallowell 557-2624 (Augusta Office); Alison Sirois 699-7028 (Portland Office); Jim Beyer 941-4570 (Bangor Office)
Natural Resources Protection Act: Alison Sirois 699-7028
Nonpoint Source Program:  Jeff Dennis 215-6376
Nonpoint Source Training Center:  John Maclaine 615-3279
Priority Watershed Program:  Don Witherill 215-9751
Shoreland Zoning: Colin Clark 441-7419
Technical Assistance (stormwater and erosion control):  Jeff Dennis 215-6376

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