Maine Forest Service Settles Timber Harvesting Violation

June 27, 2019

Contact: Adam Cates, (207) 441-4139

Maine Forest Service Settles Timber Harvesting Violation AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Forest Service (MFS) has entered into an administrative settlement agreement with David Roy, owner of Roy's Logging, LLC. The settlement resolves a violation of the States Forest Practices Act on land harvested in Hartford, Maine. The timber harvest created a 24-acre clear cut without a harvest plan, as required by rule. Roy agreed to pay a $2,000.00 civil penalty for the violation, $1,600.00 of which has been directed to the Community Forest Fund, as a Supplemental Environmental Project in support of urban and community forestry programs in Oxford County.

Note regarding violations and the importance of communications Timber harvesting violations often result from inadequate planning or failure to review forestry rules prior to a harvest. When landowners fail to check regulations that apply to the area being harvested, they can inadvertently create violations. Many violations can be avoided by consulting with MFS in advance of a timber harvest. MFS strives to improve the management of Maines forests and the bureau focuses on educating and informing landowners to reduce the possibility of violations. When violations occur, MFS has the responsibility to uphold the law.


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