Forest Service Eastern Region Now Accepting Applications for Community Wildfire Defense Grants

September 1, 2022

For more information contact: Kent Nelson at:

Maine Forest Service announces it will participate in the USDA Forest Service's new Community Wildfire Defense Grant program

The purpose of the Community Wildfire Defense Grant (CWDG) is to assist at-risk local communities with planning and mitigating against the threat of wildfire near homes and structures. $160 million dollars in competitive grant funding is available nationwide, but the maximum amount for a single grant is $250,000 for creating a CWPP and $10 million for a project recommended in a CWPP.

Communities in an area identified as having high or very high wildfire hazard potential, are low-income, and /or have been impacted by a severe disaster are eligible to apply. Applications are now available on The deadline to apply is October 7, 2022.

There are two primary project types for which the grant provides funding:

  • The development and revision of Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs).
  • The implementation of projects described in a Community Wildfire Protection Plan that is less than ten years old. CWDG grant funding can also be used for:
  • RX burns and/or training for RX burns in wildland urban interface areas.
  • Creating fire breaks to prevent the spread of wildfire near values at risk.
  • Hazardous fuels mitigation work (brush removal) at the community level.
  • Projects involving installing dry hydrants and purchasing PPE / fire equipment will also be considered but must relate directly to a specific community-based hazardous fuel reduction project stated in the CWPP.

Up to 25% non-federal match is required for projects, but underserved communities can request the match be waived.

State/county/municipal agencies, and communities with homeowner, lake or road associations are eligible to apply. Federal lands apart from Tribal Trust Lands, are not eligible.

Preference will be given to communities pursuing CWPPs with recommendations for wildfire risk reduction projects. To be consistent with previous MFS standards for CWPPs, communities with between 25 and 100 homes and an active community association are preferred.

For more detailed eligibility criteria, please contact Forest Ranger Specialist Kent Nelson 207-287-4989 or via email at