Maine's Forest Action Plan Earns USDA Forest Service Approval

June 23, 2021

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10-Year Strategic Document Will Help Guide State's Forest Management Actions

AUGUSTA-The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's Maine Forest Service (MFS) has received official approval for its 2020 Forest Action Plan from the USDA Forest Service. The plan is a ten-year strategic document designed to help guide policies, priorities, and actions to conserve Maine's forest resources.

Maine's Forest Action Plan analyzes current conditions and trends of Maines trees and forests and provides strategies and actions to ensure a sustainable future for the state's forests. The program is complementary to the Maine Climate Council's recommendations in "Maine Wont Wait," as well as the State Wildlife Action Plan and other planning documents.

All US states and territories must have Forest Action Plans to receive federal aid through USDA Forest Service's State Private Forestry programs. A US Farm Bill requirement designed to support private woodland owner stewardship, urban and community forestry, and assistance to rural fire departments.

"This is the culmination of a great deal of hard work, research, and input by MFS staff, partner agencies, stakeholders, and members of the public," commented State Forester Patty Cormier. "We appreciate the USDA Forest Service's acceptance of Maine's 2020 Forest Action Plan and look forward to using it as an important tool in Maine's forest policy toolbox."

Forest Action Plans assess the condition of Maine's trees and forests, regardless of ownership, and develop strategies to conserve working forest landscapes, protect forests from harm, and enhance public benefits from trees and forests. In addition, the plans offer practical, comprehensive roadmaps for investing federal, state, local, and private resources where they can be most effective in achieving state and national forest conservation goals.

Having a Forest Action Plan also allows MFS to compete regionally for additional grants designed to address priorities and implement strategies identified in the plan.

Read Maine's Forest Action Plan.