Funding Opportunity: Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Grants in Maine

February 16, 2024

Required grant workshop is scheduled for February 28

Augusta - The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's Maine Forest Service (MFS) is pleased to announce the availability of grants for community forestry projects under the Urban and Community Forestry Inflation Reduction Act Grant Program. Through the Project Canopy, an MFS program, a total of $1,000,000 in grants will be offered, comprising $250,000 in Project Canopy Assistance grants and $750,000 in Inflation Reduction Act Urban and Community Forestry grants. These grants aim to support projects in the following categories:

Project Canopy Assistance Planning and Education

  • Maximum Award: $20,000
  • Projects focus on sustainable community forestry management and increasing awareness of the benefits of trees and forests.

Project Canopy Planting and Maintenance

  • Maximum Award: $15,000
  • Projects enhance community health and livability through proper tree planting and maintenance.

Inflation Reduction Act Urban & Community Forestry

  • Maximum Award: $200,000
  • Projects encompass a wide range of activities, including urban and community tree canopy establishment, urban wood utilization, urban food forests, workforce development, climate mitigation through tree planting, community tree nursery establishment, and building an understanding of the care and management of community trees.

Eligibility and Workshop Information

  • Participating in the grant workshop is mandatory to apply for the 2024 Project Canopy Assistance or Inflation Reduction Act Urban and Community Forestry grants. There are no exceptions for previous recipients.
  • The virtual grant workshop is scheduled for February 28, 2024, from 1-3 pm, covering grant writing, project development, sustainable community forest management, and grant administration for both programs.
  • Additional grant office hours will be held on March 12, 26, April 9, and 23.

Application Deadline

  • Grant applications must be submitted to the MFS by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.
  • Project Canopy Assistance grants require a 50% match from the grant recipient in cash or in-kind services. Inflation Reduction Act Urban and Community Forestry grants do not require any local funding match.

Funding Source

  • The USDA Forest Service Community Forestry Assistance Program funds Project Canopy
  • Inflation Reduction Act Urban & Community Forestry grants are funded through the USDA Forest Service's National Urban & Community Forestry Program and the Inflation Reduction Act 2022.

Learn More and Apply

  • For complete grant application and workshop information, visit the Project Canopy website.
  • Contact Jan Ames Santerre for more details, Phone: 207-287-4987, Email:

Join Project Canopy in advancing community forestry and creating more resilient urban and community forests. Explore the opportunities and positively impact Maine's environment and quality of life. Visit the Project Canopy website.