2023 Project Canopy Grants Announced: Supporting Tree Planting and Education Initiatives in Maine

May 16, 2023

For more information contact: Jim Britt at: jim.britt@maine.gov

Augusta, Maine - The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's (DACF) Project Canopy, Maine's Urban and Community Forestry Program led by the Maine Forest Service (MFS), is thrilled to announce the selected grant proposals for the 2023 funding cycle. This year's review process, marked by careful evaluation and alignment with program goals, resulted in funding all submitted proposals, totaling $121,798.00. MFS received nine Tree Planting and Maintenance Grant proposals and seven Planning and Education proposals.

"We are delighted to see the response to the 2023 Project Canopy grant funding cycle," said Amanda Beal, DACF Commissioner. "The submitted proposals were of exceptional quality, demonstrating the dedication and commitment of communities and organizations across Maine to promote tree planting and education."

The grant applications reflected diverse projects, addressing various community needs and opportunities. Seven of the 16 applications received were submitted by new communities and organizations, highlighting the growing interest and engagement in the Project Canopy program.

Looking ahead, MFS anticipates offering another round of grants this year, focusing on specific areas of need and emphasis, such as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) preparedness or tree maintenance. This strategic approach aims to maximize the impact of the grants and effectively address the challenges that Maine's urban forests face.

A mandatory training session was conducted before the application process to ensure applicants were well-informed and equipped to submit successful proposals. This year, the training was held online, with 45 participants joining. The recorded session on the Project Canopy website provides valuable insights to new and returning applicants.

"The mandatory training session has always been an integral part of our grant process," added Jan Santerre, Project Canopy Coordinator. "We are pleased to have successfully transitioned to an online format, which allows broader participation and ensures all applicants are well-prepared to deliver high-quality proposals."

With the invaluable lessons learned from this round of grants, MFS is committed to continuously enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the Project Canopy Assistance Program. By strengthening collaboration and support, the initiative aims to empower communities and organizations to impact Maine's urban forests positively.

For more information about Project Canopy and its grant opportunities, please visit https://www.maine.gov/dacf/mfs/policy_management/project_canopy/index.html

2023 Project Canopy Grants

Category: Planning and Education

City of Hallowell
Title: Hallowell Granite City Park Native Ecology Restoration Project
Request: $5,176.00
Summary: Continue efforts to remove invasive plants and restore the ecology of Granite City Park with native plants and inform the public with interpretive materials.

Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association
Title: Establishing a Climate Adapted Forest Research and Demo Site
Request: $10,490.00
Summary: Plant climate adapted species and develop educational programming around the use of climate adapted species in Maine

Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District
Title: Tenmile River Demonstration Forest Management Plan and Sign Updates
Request: $6,305.00
Summary: Hire a consultant to update management plans and produce new signage for new entry points.

Portland Parks Conservancy
Title: Urban Forestry Management Plan
Request: $12,000.00
Summary: Produce a Strategic Urban Forest Plan to help the city manage its tree canopy and plan for its future.

Town of Warren
Title: Forest Management Plan Development for Public Forests in Warren
Request: $4,500.00
Summary: Develop management plans for three town-owned public forests

University of New England
Title: Creating an Arboricultural Management Plan for UNE
Request: $9,800.00
Summary: Create a tree plan for the Biddeford and Portland UNE campuses utilizing the inventory conducted under the previous grant.

Viles Arboretum
Title: Forest of the Future
Request: $11,575.00
Summary: The "Forest of the Future" project is an innovative new collection currently in development at the Arboretum consisting of three planting sites that showcase key technologies and practices for combating many of the outcomes of climate change, such as species loss/ migration, carbon sequestration, and much more.

Category: Planting and Maintenance

City of Belfast
Title: New Canopy for Belfast Rail Trail and Downtown
Request: $10,000.00
Summary: Using information from the recent inventory, expand efforts to plant trees along the rail trail and downtown

City of Auburn
Title: Tree City USA 20 Years
Request: $8,425.00
Summary: Planting Trees at each of Auburn's schools in commemoration of 20 years as a TC USA

City of Gardiner
Title: Greening The Gardiner Common and Waterfront Park
Request: $5,732.00
Summary: complete the final phase of tree replacement in the Gardiner common master plan and replace one tree at the Waterfront Park.

City of Lewiston
Title: Replacement Tree Planting
Request: $10,000.00
Summary: Replacement planting for a mature canopy that the city has been unable to keep pace with.

Inn Along the Way
Title: Trees Along the Way
Request: $1,245.00
Summary: Planting to replace invasive plants and provide screening.

Island Heritage Trust
Title: Lily Pond Park Memorial Nursery
Request: $10,000.00
Summary: Invasive plant removal and development of native plant nursery to stock preserve

Town of Orono
Title: Tree Planting in High Density Ash Areas
Request: $3,350.00
Summary: Planting during Arbor Week, where there is currently a high density of ash as street trees.

Town of Vassalboro
Title: Street Tree Planting in Eagle Park
Request: $3,200.00
Summary: Restoration of this newly acquired park from invasive plants and replanting with native shade trees.

Town of Yarmouth
Title: Trees for All Ages
Request: $10,000.00
Summary: Planting 37 trees in areas of need and engaging local students in the process.